Southern California Father Throws Son Off Tour Boat!

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Just when we thought bad parenting couldn’t get any worse, we had a father yesterday, tell his son to stop crying and after hitting him several times, according to witness, threw his 7 year-old-son off from the boat in busy Newport Harbor in Orange County, California.

This is a tour boat that takes people around the harbor so they can see mansions occupied and once occupied by celebrities like John”Duke” Wayne.

If the Duke had been alive yesterday, he would have jumped off his deck and whacked this dad, Sloane Briles, 35, of Irvine, California.  There would not have been any need for authorities, the Duke would have hit him once, and that would have been all she wrote.  What a shame when you need the Duke, he is watching from above.

This story was featured on one of the local TV news programs last night, and they actually caught up to the father, and he claimed that he and his son were “horsing around” .  He claimed he held his son off from the boat and his son jumped into the water.

According to witnesses and the 911 calls, that is not what happened, and they were very clear that the father was abusing his son on the boat by hitting him.  He then took him to the bow of the boat and threw him off.  In the busy harbor anyone could have hit the small child not to mention the tour boat could have hit him with the prop.

The authorities said three boats came to the rescue of the child and pulled him out after his father jumped in to save him.

The Orange County sheriff was called and their boat arrived and had to physically wrestle the father to the ground to subdue him to take him into custody.  Witnesses said he had been drinking and appeared intoxicated.

The child was released  to his mother along with his 6-year-old brother who was also on the boat.  The father and the mother are divorced.  The father had been in an argument with his girl friend on the boat when the 7-year-old started crying about the argument.

The father has been charged with felony child endangerment and resisting arrest, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said. He was released Monday in lieu of a $100,000 bond.


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