I Believe She’s An Amazing Woman

The other day on Facebook, a highschool friend posted this video to honor one of our friends who had passed away, Margene Griffin, who had graduated from Del City High School, and went on to Central State University with me.  She joined Tri Sigma Sorority and convinced me to pledge and to join her on this path.

I should also add that Margene and I were in Senior Girl Scouts together and we did many special community service projects together.  Tri Sigma Sorority at our college had many Girl Scouts in it and we even sponsored a Brownie troop.

Margene graduated from Central State University after serving as President of Tri Sigma, with a degree in nursing.  She was married very soon after graduation and she and her husband began their journey around the world as missionary’s for a program that took them to many different countries.

I did not know that through this journey, Margene was battling an illness within her lower GI tract and she had been on liquids for many years.  I saw her at my 25th high school reunion and  she shared that she was waiting on a lower intestine transplant.  She did receive the transplant and did very well for several years.

Both of us were battling physical issues, mine was a physical disability and her’s was an internal issue.  She was smiling and strong just as she had always been.  Margene and stayed in touch through our Sorority for several years after and then she moved to Colorado and I moved to California.  I lost track of her.

I was on Classmates.com to try and find her but I couldn’t, so I contacted her brother, and discovered that she had passed on.  I felt terrible that we had lost track of each other.  Sometimes life gets in the way, and we lose one another.  I just urge you to stay in touch with those special people who touch your life in high school or college and let them know how much they mean to you before you lose that opportunity.

Margene and I did have that time, but I still feel that we could have had a little more.  Here is the Video that I dedicate to Margene who was an Amazing Woman.


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