Hot Sauce & Cold Shower Mom Found Guilty of Child Abuse!

Back in February of this year, I blogged about a parent, Jessica Beagley, 36,  in Alaska who had been on the Dr. Phil Show for questionable parenting techniques using Hot Sauce and Cold Showers to punish her adopted 7-year-old son.  Yesterday she was found guilty of child abuse in Alaska courts. The video above is just a short amount of time of what was shown on the show.  It is difficult to watch and to hear the little boy’s cries.

During the course of the trial, it was revealed that she had submitted two tapes to the Dr. Phil show.  One was not deemed appropriate for the show.  The second showing the Hot Sauceing of her son in his mouth and the cold shower was what they were looking for and she made the show for questionable parenting techniques.  This is makes me even madder to know that she put her son through this so she could make a television show for her quick 15 minutes of fame.

This “fame” has now brought her a guilty verdict which could carry with it a year in jail, and the loss of her children, just so she could be on the Dr. Phil show?  What about the abuse of her adopted 7-year-old son from Russia?  His agony and his pain is unjustifiable.

I would hope that Dr. Phil show producers did not suggest to this woman that she go back and produce a better tape so she could be on the show.    The Television show fame game is taking over our country and it is not pretty, when it involves children and the price they are paying for an adult to have “fame”.


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  1. Lena says:

    That woman should not be allowed to keep children! She’s an abuser of an abominable sort.

    1. Lena,
      Evidently she has 6 children and he husband is a police officer, so I would guess he knew something was going on as well. She should get help there is no doubt in my mind. I would be afraid for the rest of the children and what she has done to them. Thanks for stopping bye.

  2. Just watched the video and I’m actually disgusted. The child understood what he did wrong and therefore a good telling off with limited access to his games or tv for a bit would have been sufficient. What she did is complete cruelty which will inevitably lead to an abundance of issue for the child as he grows up.

    I’m glad that her wish for fame came true as it brought to light her evil doings to be honest and at least the child will be given a far better opportunity with another family now.

    It highlights the need for a better education system in parenting. Even in the UK we lack good training. Its all about the build up to the birth but once the baby is there you are reliant on family and the internet for advice. Prevention is the best way to tackle future cases like this so I believe that educating the parents to be (including foster parents) is essential!

    1. Leena,
      You are so right about good parenting. I have a friend here in LA who teaches parenting techniques, and she says the same thing. Most parents have no clue. Yes. I totally agree with you the child will suffer for most of his life, due to this incident.

  3. cookiecuckoo says:

    Hi Michelle – I couldn’t bear to watch the video but I’m glad this woman is being punished and hopefully reformed. How anyone can hurt a baby or child – or another person or animal, for that matter – is beyond me.

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