Did Beverly Hills Housewife Show Go To Far & Cause Suicide of Husband?

Beverly Hills Sign in Universal Studios Florida
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By now you have all read about the Beverly Hills Housewife whose husband, Russell Armstrong, committed suicide over the upcoming new season of the show, according to his mother’s statements, what will happen with this show is the real question?

I’m not sure if these shows haven’t overstepped the boundary of human decency.  When you start picking on someone and making him or her the scorn of the show is this not public bullying?  Are we not part of this by watching the show?

As I had stated before  in an earlier blog, I do not watch these housewives shows because I find them too hedonistic, and they do nothing to help the human race , I do believe these reality shows are picking at the weak and showing the sides of marriages that we used to keep behind closed doors and only therapists knew about.

When the public is allowed to see the problems in a marriage, it almost takes the power away from the couple to solve the issues themselves.  Putting the couple under the camera night and day and forcing them to throw lavish parties to always one-up one another is too much stress.    Forcing the parents to pit one another against each other with the children is not a normal situation ever and putting the cameras there takes the normalcy out of it for everyone.

I do hope that Bravo cuts out the husband from the upcoming shows and allows his children to mourn their father in peace.  They need to draw the line here and stop doing everything for ratings.  His two children from another marriage and his little girl from this marriage need to be thought about and their feelings and how they will cope with what Bravo does now with this happening to their father, will show what Bravo is about.

MTV has shown us what they are about with the “Jersey Shore”, I would hope that Bravo would show us a higher form of character and show concern for these children and dedicate the show to his memory and cut him out of the show.  It can be done and restore human decency to the network.  Bravo has announced a Delay in the Season Premier, but I truly hope they consider more than just a Delay!  The man had issues, but I don’t think we need to trash his memory for the sake of his children.


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