Casey Anthony Must Serve Probation in Florida, Be Back By August 26th!!

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Justice is served Ms. Anthony, you will do your Probation just like any other Con!!!. Judge Perry has served you the order and you must report for your probation on August 26th in Florida.  The Probation Department must keep up confidential records on her whereabouts, but no special treatment.

Judge Belvin Perry Jr. has won his place in the hearts of many Americans when he issued that order today.  The most hated woman in America must serve probation for her check fraud case which she did against her best friend in 2008.  Had her family pressed charges against her, it would have been for more money I’m sure, but no, Cindy continued to enable her bad behavior, not realizing it would cost her Caylee.

I’m thrilled that Judge Perry has stayed the course of what probation stands for which is have a convict monitored to make sure they can exist in normal society and not mess up.  How many of us believe that Casey can not mess up??

I know that unless she gets treatment, she will be right back in jail for her lying and cheating behavior.  I do not expect a liar to change her stripes, but maybe she will quite stealing from others.

Yes, Jose Baez was not innocent when he didn’t alert the court to the error and Judge Perry told him that he should he realize he did not honor the justice system.  I don’t think Jose knows what that means, your honor.

It may not be justice for Caylee, but it will be some form of monitoring for Casey.


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  1. janelwhite says:

    The judge may have failed to consider two important issues in this action. One, Casey Anthony was already released from probation by the probation department and this will be overturned on the Appellate level. And two, I don’t believe the judge considered just how many complaints the probation department is likely to receive from this defendant by claims of inappropriate actions and non-actions alleged against the department in a twelve month period of time. This will cost the Florida tax-payers an untold and incalculable amount of money. And, for what? Nothing. Casey wins again. What happened to justice for Caylee? -Jane

    1. The judge in the check fraud case ordered the probation upon release from jail, and it was on video tape. The clerk made an error, and Jose Baez failed to notify the court of the error, even though he knew the error had occurred. Because the Judge was on video tape as was Casey admitting to the check fraud against Amy, I doubt this will stand up on an Appellate level. But I’m not an attorney, but this was broadcast across the country at the time. The Probation department was not advised of the error, by Baez, so he is at fault. I don’t think Casey will win again.
      At least I don’t want her too.

      I agree that Caylee has not had justice except in the department of Children’s Services Report that was just released showing that Casey did not take care of her daughter properly and that she did not call for help when she needed it. We all know in our hearts that Caylee did not receive justice, but that may have to be enough for right now, until Casey screws up again and she will.

      1. janelwhite says:

        Baez is not at fault, nor is Casey Anthony according to the Experts following this case. The state of Florida continues to screw things up and disregards this and any issue of Caylee, the victim. Guess you missed all the media coverage of this case. But, the Appellate courts will overturn this ruling and Casey will be granted more millions of dollars from the state for their continued errors. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s hard to be proven ineffective sometimes. -Jane

      2. I was just restating what Judge Perry stated about Baez knowing about the error and not alerting the court. You are correct, I have not heard anyone say that the this was going to be overturned. I will of course watch this along with the rest of the country for the most “hated woman in America” to see what happens. We all want justice for this precious little girl, but we must be reminded that children are losing their lives all over this country every day. One in Missouri this week, and one in Northern California just this weekend at apparently the hands of her father. I’m just heart-broken that we can not protect our children better.

        Thank you for stopping and commenting. All of my readers, make this blog a top blog on Word Press.

  2. janelwhite says:

    A great post from:
    Ron P
    August 15, 2011 at 10:04 am

    A quick check in Westlaw shows that Judge Perry’s name is a familiar one with appellate panels. This is a cynical and vindictive ruling.

    Here’s a partial list of Perry’s “judgement” (I stopped at 50 but there were many many more):
    1. Palmer v State – Sentence Vacated
    2. Fisher v State – Reversed
    3. Maynard v State – Sentence Quashed
    4. Glidewell v State – Reversed
    5. Nat Weaver Inc v Fencl – Reversed
    6. Messam v State – Sentence Vacated
    7. Horn v State – Sentence Vacated
    8. Henderson v State – Remanded
    9. Frattallone v State – Reversed
    10. Satalino v State – Reversed
    11. Green v State – Sentence Vacated
    12. Carter v State part 1 – Reversed
    13. Hamilton v State – Sentence Vacated
    14. Tinsley v State – Remanded
    15. Carter v State part 2- Sentence Quashed
    16. White v State – Sentence Vacated
    17. Bell v Perry – Writ of Mandamus
    18. Ferguson v State – Reversed
    19. Sirmons v State – Sentence Vacated
    20. Girard v State – Sentence Reversed
    21. Brown v State part 1 – Sentence Vacated
    22. M. Carter v State – Sentence Vacated
    23. Brown v State part 2 – Imposition of Costs Stricken
    24. Operadora Seryna v Banco Bilboa Viscaya-Mexico – Reversed
    25. Johnson v State – Reversed in Part
    26. Pender v State – Reversed
    27. Harden v State – Remanded
    28. K. Smith v State – Reversed
    29. Bacon v State – Sentence Vacated
    30. Combs v State – Vacated
    31. Williams v King – Reversed in Part
    32. Bolger v State – Reversed
    33. J. Smith v State – Reversed in Part
    34. Andzulis v Montgomery Road Acquisitions – Reversed
    35. Fowler v State – Reversed
    36. McGee v State – Sentence Vacated
    37. CED Construction v Kaiser-Taulbee Associates – Reversed
    38. Marino v State – Sentence Stricken
    39. Allen v State – Reversed
    40. State v Houck – Remanded
    41. State v Ducharme – Reversed
    42. Barley v Alberini – Reversed
    43. Hall v State – Reversed
    44. State v Thomas – Reversed
    45. State v Ford and Nguyen – Quashed
    46. Young v State – Reversed
    47. Lebron v State – Death Sentence Vacated Twice
    48. State v R. Jones – Reversed
    49. Blandon v State – Reversed in Part
    50. Armstrong v State – Reversed

    Pencil in Anthony v State part 1 (stacked lying to law enforcement convictions–error in law) and Anthony v State part 2 (probation due process error).

    1. You Have been doing your homework. This is an interesting case and I know Judge Perry did try to do his best. Perhaps it wasn’t the right thing, but we will have to see if he is reversed.
      This is quite a list, not sure if all judges have long lists like this, but thank you for doing this for me and all of my readers.

  3. janelwhite says:

    You are so very welcome michellegilstrap, but I just copied it from a poster named Rob P who indicated that this list is only a partial-list on Perry, not sure how many more reversals Perry actually has. Keep up the great job you are doing on your blogs. -Jane

    1. Jane,
      Thank you, I appreciate you coming by and contributing. It makes my blog that much better. I did take a few days off. Job requirements you know. Have a great weekend.

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