Casey Anthony Photos May Be Authentic From Ohio, Attorneys Back in Court on Friday!

CNN is reporting the photos that appeared over a week ago online from TMZ of a woman appearing to be Casey Anthony Anthony in Ohio may actually be her. .

She has relatives in Ohio; she went up there to hide out.  She will be moving because TMZ has found her.

Her attorneys will be back in court on Friday to fight the order to bring her back to Florida to serve a probation sentence upon her release.

Judge Perry was given this “hot potato” when the judge in the original check fraud case recused himself and stepped down. Judge Perry wanted more time to study this case.  Most cases ask the person to serve probation after they get of jail to see if they can merge back into society and stay away from trouble.  Maintain a job, support themselves and not do the same type of behavior that got them into trouble.

Serving probation in jail, is hardly testing them on any of the above elements.  These are the problems that Judge Perry is trying to discover when he asked for more time and set another hearing for this Friday.


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