Warren Jeffs Sentencing Trail May End Today, Will He Get Life in Prison??

Temple of the FLDS in El Dorado, Texas

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Warren Jeffs, the FLDS polygamist sect leader, may find out his fate today as his sentencing hearing draws to a close.  The jury has been subjected to testimony of abuse of children and listening to audio tapes of rape of 12 and 14-year-old girls.

This trial will haunt the jury for a long time.  Warren Jeffs even admitted in one of his own writings if the outside world knew what he was doing with these young girls “he would be hung from the highest tree”.  What a shame that will not happen, but then if it did happen he would become a symbol for his followers.

This cult, should never have been allowed to become this large and oppressive.  So many women, children and men have been harmed with the activities of this cult, and no one has stopped it for years.  It is hard to imagine that this has gone on in the USA.

My deepest concerns are for the children who are still on these compounds and that steps must be taken to protect them from this terrible type of abuse.  There will be no guarantee that Jeff’s brother, who has stepped up to take over the  “followers” will not continue with the beliefs of the “religion”.

Those of us who live in these states must write to our elected officials and demand that they take steps to protect the children.


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