Casey Anthony Ordered Back To Florida By Judge!

Casey Anthony ordered back to Florida by a judge to serve a year of probation based on her check fraud case that she plead guilty to against her friend Amy Huizenga.   There may have been a Court Clerk mistake, or a judge order that wasn’t followed or Jose may have not entered the right document, but Jose thought that Casey’s year of probation was served while she was in jail.

The current judge on the case doesn’t read it that way, and ordered that she must be back in the state in 72 hours.  Poor Casey no more fun in the sun where ever she is.  I guess that Hustler photo shoot will have to wait, if she is considering it.

This means that she will have to work out whether she did serve the probation or if she didn’t.  Of course as the costs continue to mount from the State of Florida on the search for her daughter, and from others, this will be good, that she has to return, they can serve her with the costs while she is back in the court room.

Good news for everyone trying to track her down.  Line-up those warrants and stand in line, because when she shows up for court, hand them to her, and she is served!!!

The entire story is covered by Here is the link


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  1. Janel Corey says:

    Casey’s life is doomed. Poor thing.

    1. Her daughter, Caylee was the poor precious child who lost her life. Casey life is what she made it.

      1. Janel Corey says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more.

      2. Thanks

  2. Chuck says:

    Thank God, Casey the child murderer is back where she belongs…in jail…………

    1. We don’t know if she will go back to jail, or just has to stay within the state of Florida so she has to check in with her probation officer every week or every month. We will have to wait and see.

  3. Nik_WCMA says:

    Ty for linking to me!

    1. You are most welcome.

  4. offthecuff says:

    I guess Casey will have to interrupt her intense therapy. Orlando, I’m sure, is the last place she would like to see again. Going back is going to require even more therapy, I’m afraid.

    1. I wonder what type of intense therapy she is undergoing? Too bad! Jose should have read the court documents a litte better.

  5. offthecuff says:

    As we have seen, documents and court orders mean little to Jose. Anyway, it was the court who released Casey, not Jose. Besides, Jose probably likes this little PR perk, just when the Casey Anthony saga was getting a little too quiet.

    1. Two different courts. The one who has ordered her back is the one that she pled guilty in for the check fraud. The one who released her was for the lying to police officers and the child abuse allegations and murder of her daughter. She was found guilty of lying to police officers and not guilty of the other charges. The probation is normally ordered once someone leaves jail, and not while they are in jail. This will be interesting to see how this one plays out. Casey opened her mouth in the other court and pled guilty to check fraud.

      She can not say she did not say I am guilty on that one related to hurting her friend Amy’s bank account.

  6. Trishishfy says:

    There’s no doubt in my mind Casey did something terrible. I don’t know if it was an accident or premeditated. I think she used Chloroform on Caylee before so see could go out to dance & play. Maybe she gave Caylee too much Chloroform that night. Who knows. One thing’s for sure. Casey’s unable to tell the truth. I know she has supporters but the majority of people are outraged. I don’t believe anyone wants Casey to profit off the death of Caylee in any shape or form. I think the network that airs or pays Casey will get public backlash.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I agree that we may never know what happened to precious Caylee, but now Casey will be watched for the next year like a hawk. No partying, no drinking, no drugs.

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