Will Congress Get The Message & Resolve The Debt?

The western front of the United States Capitol...
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The President called on America to Call Congress and let them know we are tired of the Games.  Mr. President the Buck stops at your desk too.

You were the one who spent us into the debt that we are in by bailing out the Big Banks and Wall Street who continue to give exorbitant raises despite warnings from the White House.

Your stimulus has done nothing to create jobs, because you haven’t helped the small business man, and you haven’t listened to the millions who are out of work when they asked you to stop importing “technical workers” on 50,000 visas every year.  We asked you to use Americans and yet somehow, you continued to allow “technical workers” those visas which allowed Americans to not get those jobs.

It took a new Congress to hear Americans, please to stop the Visas and that passed in the House last week, let’s hope you don’t veto it and you get the message.  You can’t keep importing workers, while millions are out of work here.

You must stimulate the economy by helping to create jobs by bringing them back home. Buy American, made in America.  Stimulate the economy Mr. President and settle on the Debt crisis.

You and the Congress have bickered back and forth for months, knowing this was coming.  This is not going to get you elected.  Stop it now and settle on an agreement!!


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