Norway Bomb Compared to OKC Bombing, and Home Grown Terror

Rescue Team 5 remembers the victims who died i...
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“WE SEEK  THE TRUTH. WE SEEK JUSTICE. THE COURTS REQUIRE IT. THE VICTIMS CRY FOR IT AND GOD DEMANDS IT!\” A quote spray painted on the wall by search and rescue workers at the OKC Bombing site 4-19-1995.

Seeing the devastation in Oslo, Norway, brought back the images of Oklahoma City that day for me.  My neighbor is from Oslo, Norway, and I rushed home to make sure none of her relatives were injured.  Many of her family have come to visit her over the years, and my daughter and I have met them.  Wonderful people, fun loving and sincere.  They were all fine, I’m happy to report.

The quote above was written on the Journal Record Building, the building across the street in Oklahoma City from the Federal Building ,and people died in that building as well.  Just as justice was demanded  in that case, it will be demanded in Oslo.

The fact that the Oslo bomber, used the same type of bomb as Timothy McVeigh in OKC, and that he lived on a farm as Terry Nichols, the co-conspirator of McVeigh, it makes you wonder if the Oslo Bomber learned his bomb making from the articles about the trial in OKC?

I’m just saddened by this tragedy, knowing that a community must mourn the loss of so many young people who were gunned down by this terrorist in Oslo.  My prayers go out to the families and the community members who will suffer these traumas over and over for many years to come.


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    1. Thank you for sharing your insight of Oklahoma City, as someone who experienced it from the edge and watched doctors and nurses risk their lives that morning, I totally agree with you.
      I am going to promote this posting for you from your Blog on mine.

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