Amy Winehouse Dead, Was It Drugs, Cause of Death Could be Announced Monday!

Amy Winehouse performing in Berlin in 2007
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Amy Winehouse was found dead yesterday in her townhouse in London yesterday.  After her famous song Rehab, it isn’t anyone’s surprise that this troubled singer died so young.

She canceled her recent concert tour a month ago after being booed off stage and yes she was slurring her words and could barely stand up.  Amy did win 5 Grammys and had a world-wide following.

Her mother, Janis Winehouse, has been quoted as saying when she saw her daughter the day before her death she seemed out of it and she knew it was a matter of time before she might die.

Dr. Drew Pinsky, from Celebrity Rehab and HLN has said Heroin addiction is one of the strongest addictions and is one of th hardest to break free.  Had Amy taken a little time off from her concert tour and actually worked her rehab program she might have had a chance.

Amy Winehouse was only 27, one year older than my daughter.  This is so sad when you realize the potential she had, but that drugs and alcohol stopped her life.  Yesterday I blogged about Lindsey Lohan not fulfilling her court orders for her community service and her counseling.  The problem with these celebrities who have alcohol and drug problems is that this is part of their treatment and finding excuses why they can’t do it, is not helping them get better.

Drugs and alcohol are killers.  They kill the spirit and they kill relationships before they take lives.  Lindsey needs to wake up, Amy Winehouse was just a few years older than she is, and if Lindsey doesn’t wake up, she  could be next.  This not what any of us want for her, but she is headed down that road.

My prayers and thoughts are with the Winehouse family at this time of sadness for them.  I know much of their suffering is over but this will be a time of questioning for them as they now wonder if they could have done more to stop Amy from her addiction. Unfortunately, the decision to use was Amy’s and it was her choice to stop, that is what makes it so hard on family members as they watch their family members go through this horrible disease.


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  1. GhostRider says:

    Drugs and alcohol are as little the cause of death as a rope is to someone that hangs themselves, or a gun to someone that shoots themselves, Drugs and alcohol did not kill her, she killed her self and it’s consistent and makes sense if the self destructiveness is from a tortured soul, in that case she was not the first nor will be last. RIP…Loved her as listening to her had the same effect on me as listening to Bille Holliday. Who knows, maybe it was Billie again as Amy had same troubled soul

    1. Ghost Rider, It is the abuse of drugs and alcohol that kill. Of course Heroin is not something that anyone should ever use. Yes I loved her music as well and I agree tha listening to her reminded one of the tortured soul of Billie Holiday. Who was also addicted to Heroin. Thanks for stopping in.

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