Lindsey Lohan Not Meeting Her Court Ordered Criteria Again!!

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Just in case you missed it Poor Pitiful Lindsey was back in Court and this time claiming she hasn’t met her community service hours or her counselling for a number of reasons.  One of Poor Pitiful Lindsey reasons for not meeting her counseling is she doesn’t have the money, because she hasn’t been working.  The judge told her there are sliding scale programs she can check out and she has 21 days to get her act together.

In addition, since she hasn’t been working, she really has no excuse for not completing her community service hours except Poor Pitiful Lindsey doesn’t want to.  “What else is New??”

What else is new?  Lindsey is being sued for $1 million dollars by the former rehab worker from the Betty Ford Center that Lindsey attacked while she was in treatment there.

Dawn Bradley, also known by the name Dawn Holland, alleges that Lohan grabbed and twisted her wrist when she attempted to give the actress, who was a patient at the center, a breathalyzer test. The district attorney declined to bring criminal charges against Lohan, according to TMZ.

One report stated that Poor Pitiful Lindsey showed up in court wearing $1,000 shoes, maybe she should sell those so she can travel to community service and pay for her counseling.

Does Lindsey think we are all stupid.  Lindsey is like another young arrogant LA Laker, Andrew Bynum who just got caught parking in a disabled spot this week.  They have money they just spend it on the wrong things.

Lindsey you need counseling for your shop lifting and for how to control your spending so you can get your act together.


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