Andrew Bynum, LA Laker, Not Offering Apology For Parking In Disabled Parking

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Andrew Bynum, 23, LA Laker who was drafted out of high school and makes 14 million a year, feels entitled and isn’t worried about parking in a disabled area in front of Bristol Farms at Playa Del Rey.  (I have parked in front of that store on a rainy night, and I was glad they had disabled parking, yes, I have a placard and have had one for 15 years.)

I have met these people, like Bynum from the moment my injury happened.  They always have an excuse, “I’m just running in.”  ” I didn’t know it was marked for the disabled!” (They have no eyes to see signs, they shouldn’t be driving!)

Of course you usually get those from other countries here in LA, “I didn’t know, it was illegal!”  They are driving in Los Angeles, does that mean they took the test and passed and actually have a driver’s license?  Or are these people from other countries, just driving illegally without licenses??

I have people who park in the strips next to my door, which means I can’t get in, ALSO ILLEGAL!

You Can Not Park in the Stripes of a Disabled Parking Area, those strips are put there, to help us open the door for either a wheelchair or for those who use an assistive walking device.

The Radio and the TV waves are burning up with young Bynum right now calling on him to apologize.  That is not Enough!!!

He needs to do community service in a center that helps the disabled, like returning veterans who are learning to use adaptive devices.  These Laker Players who are so young and paid so much think they are above the law, let them learn what it is like 24 hours a day for the disabled.  Put them in a wheelchair and let them have to use it everywhere and monitor them.

Let them feel their arms hurt and ache when they want to go somewhere but  are exhausted.  The public is not kind let Andrew discover his heartless attitude needs to change.  Community Service is the only way he will have a true understanding of what it is like to be disabled.

I understand he has had knee injuries, but as long as he is playing for the Lakers, and doesn’t have a temporary disabled placard, get out of your cars Andrew and walk while you still can.  Most of us who have lost that ability would like to have it back in a heart beat, but we don’t have that choice.  Your attitude to park where we need to park, is not one of entitlement Andrew it is one of ignorance and stupidity.

Andrew, Wake UP! Many of us who are disabled don’t have the $100 it costs to even go to your games, that is reserved for the celebrities and the well-to-do of LA who can afford it.  People on disability barely make with their expenses and food not mention medication.  This is what the disabled face who can not work.  Why don’t you offer to take a few hundred to some games.  It just might be the highlight of their lives.

Donate Andrew to the Veterans Rehab Centers and the Southern California Independent Living Center which helps the disabled and Brain impaired people.  Apologies don’t cut it with me when you make $14 million a year.  Put your money where it will do good, and go and volunteer where you can learn your arrogance is wrong!


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