LA Laker Caught Parking in Disabled Parking- Shameful!

Image by bridgetds via Flickr

NBC LA, Channel 4 has reported that an off duty parking enforcement officer caught LA Lakers center, Andrew Bynum  on camera parking in not one , but 2 disabled parking places in Los Angeles.  Andrew won’t comment and neither will the team due to  the lock out.

The pictures were given to NBC, LA and they aired on the news.  This is just par for the course in Los Angeles.  What the City Officials need to do MR. Mayor, is enforce the law.  You have real photos in the parking zone.  Under the California Vehicle Code, drivers must display a disabled placard or disabled license plate to park in spaces designated for the disabled.

The new driver’s mobile app which allows anyone to take photos and give them, is a step in the right direction, but unless the city that receives the photos actually issues tickets when they receive the photos, it is all for naught.

The Lakers are looked up to and many cultures emulate the team members.  This is good role modeling Andrew to show all these young people that they should break the law, like you did.  Forget about disabled people, that includes disabled Vets who fight for our country, Andrew who need those spots.

How insensitive your Million Dollar Salary Has Made You!!!  Wake Up Andrew!! Go and Fight  in a War and may be if you became injured and lose a leg you might need a disabled parking spot.  But until you actually go to war,  stay the Hell out of Disabled Parking!!!!

Here is the link so you can see for your self—125820648.html?rr=ms


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