California Bounty Hunter May Also File Lawsuit Against Casey Anthony

Leonard Padilla  is seeking $200,000 to pay him back for bond, expenses during the 2008 search for Caylee Anthony only he is claiming that both Casey Anthony and Jose Baez mislead him during the search and bond that he extended for Casey.

All I can say is Leonard Padilla is going to have to get in line, because Casey Anthony filed a statement in Florida saying she was penniless and left the jail with $500. to her name from her jail account.  She is living somewhere in seclusion from the “kindness of volunteers” according to her attorneys.

“Not only did he mislead us, they conned us. And, he did a good job,” Padilla said to KCRA in Sacramento

Padilla said Anthony’s attorney accepted an offer by Padilla to fly to Florida and to search for Casey Anthony’s daughter in 2008. He contends that both Anthony and her attorney knew at that time that Caylee was dead.

“Jose Baez said during the trial’s opening statement and in his closing that they knew all along she was never lost,” said Padilla.

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  1. Deb says:

    Sue both those lying low life scumbags (Anthony and Beaz)! Let people know they can’t profit by murdering someone!

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