Could Caylee Anthony Be Giving Us Signs From Heaven??

If you believe in signs from heaven, then you just may believe in some of the strange signs like lighting striking the tree close to where this precious child’s remains were found the day  the verdict of not guilty for her mother, Casey Anthony was pronounced.  It was like the heavens struck down and hit the tree to remind everyone that this case was about a little girl who died.

This weekend as Casey Anthony was preparing for her “Perp Walk” out of jail, a mother who prepared a sign of protest showed one of the HLN show commentators a poster she made.  It had a picture of Caylee on it and across her face where the “duct tape” may have been placed were red marks as if irritated by tape.  The mother who made the sign said she did not put any glue on that area of the poster behind Caylee’s picture.  She felt it was a sign from God.  This weekend was exactly 3 years from the day of Caylee’s last being seen alive.

Whether it was a sign or not, these occurences are very much remainders that this case is about a precious little girl, who may have more power than any of us realize.  I was raised Catholic and I remember reading many of the stories about saints when I was a girl.  Little Caylee may continue to show us these signs but if she starts healing people, then she could become a saint.

I know it appears out-there to many of my readers who may not believe in this sort of thing, but it may be something we should be watching for as this precious little girl’s spirit continues to shine into our world.


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  1. Hildee says:

    It is strange indeed and I do believe Caylee wants to remind People what was done to her by her own Mother.
    People can believe what they like and ignore All the Signs, myself I believe
    Caylee wants to let People know her Murderer got away.
    There will be Justice in the End and it won’t come from us but it will come.
    No One can murder an innocent Child or for that Matter any one and not to have to account for it. JMO
    Justice will be served but not when we think it should. It is out of our Hands now.

    1. You are so right. It is out of our hands and in someone greater than all of us. Justice will come. I remember many years ago when three Girl Scouts were murdered in Tulsa at Girl Scout camp. The person was tried and found not guilty because someone perjured their testimony claiming the killer was with him when the murders were done. The Killer was going back to prison anyway, because he had escaped from prison where he was serving time for raping a pregnant woman. The “Killer” was a native American, and a wise chief said, if the “Killer” was truly guilty, then true justice would be carried out by someone else greater than all of us.

      The “Killer” died after doing a work out in the prison yard from a heart attack. We all remembered what the Chief had said, and felt Justice was done. The “Killer” had not been back in prison very long when the death happened.

  2. Ashley says:

    Does anyone know where I can see this picture online? Every one is talking about it, but somehow I missed it.

    1. I just found this link on Youtube. I saw it myself on HLN when Jane Velez Mitchell was interviewing her.

    2. Here is the link from Youtube.
      Hope it helps. I saw it last night on HLN.

    1. Thank you for including my blog in your article. I feel little Caylee had a purpose in her short life and that her mother will be overshadowed forever by the beautiful spirit of her daughter.

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