Carmageddon Affects Los Angeles This Weekend!!!

A view of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angel...
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Carmageddon is Here!!! Grab your children, lock up your car, grab your bicycle and walk if you need to go anywhere in Los Angeles this weekend.  If you do not live here, then you do not know about all the hype over the demolition of the Mullholland bridge over the 405.  Closing the 405 for the weekend may seem like a small thing for those of you who have never been here, but it handles 500,000 cars a day on any given day.

So if you take 500,000 car and put them somewhere else what happens? Carmageddon.  Traffic backups on other freeways and on surface streets and canyon roads that many people use when they do not use the 405.  But if you don’t have to drive to your destination from the San Fernando Valley to the West Side of Los Angeles which includes the beach, Malibu, UCLA, etc, then you are better off.

This whole weekend has been about education for the people of Los Angeles to not use the freeways or to just stay home and to telecommute if they must work.  Watch movies at home, catch up with the family, have picnics in the local park do what many of us haven’t done in years, because we are wedded to our cars.

It was interesting to see that Jet Blue offered $4.00 flights from Burbank to Long Beach for the weekend and they sold out in minutes.  The fun aspect of this event has been the business owners coming up with fun marketing ideas like $4.05 bag of bagels and $4.05 martins , to keep people at home and spend home in their local area.

Maybe Carmageddon will be a winfall for local business owners and not a loss as many are predicting, but whatever happens, we will have to do it all over again in another year.  We will learn our lessons this weekend so be ready Angelenos for Carmageddon is Here!!


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