Hollywood Not In a Rush To Make Casey Anthony Movie, But Her Jail House Video Showing Her Reaction to Caylee Remains Might Be Released!

August 9 2005---June 16 2008
Image by CHARMERS ❤'S LILY ROSE via Flickr

Those of us who live in Los Angeles and have friends in the business know that there are always producers running after the latest story and buying the movie rights.  People are not running after the Casey Anthony story because the reality is that Casey Anthony and the recent verdict has brought such outrage in the country that no one wants to touch this hot potato.

Perhaps after a cooling off period someone might want to look at this but with a perspective of how could this happen, what steps have been taken to keep it from happening again, AKA, Caylee’s Law enacted, and giving this whole story a more complete look.

The so-called experts who follow movies made from real life, would rather concentrate on the miner story from South America last year that was such a heart-warming story.  The Scott Peterson Story may be made soon according to reports from Lifetime, but even that story has a few years under its belt, and Peterson was found guilty and is sitting on death row.

When a small child loses her life without a known cause of death and has a partying mom who doesn’t shed a tear during the 31 days of her daughter missing, yes there is interest, but without Casey  being found guilty, people feel like Caylee’s perpetrator was not caught!

A Orlando news station has a  request for the release  for the jail house video of Casey’s reaction when it was announced that Caylee’s remains were found in December 2008.  According to ABC News, Orlando television station WKMG-TV Local 6 filed the request to unseal the video last week on July 6 just before the verdict came down. The station argued in its filing that “Now that the trial has started and the jury is sequestered, no prejudice to the defendant’s right to a fair trial could incur.

We will see if this is unsealed and what it might reveal.

Here is the link to the new Caylee Song  It will take to you to a page and you can click on a link. Just discovered this and want to share it with you.  It puts the spotlight on Caylee where it should be: http://wqyk.radio.com/2011/07/08/a-tribute-song-for-caylee-anthony-called-shes-going-places-written-by-gary-levox-of-rascal-flatts-cledus-t-judd-jimmy-yeary/


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  1. chazzie says:

    The video will reveal her getting sick……………not because it was Caylee, but rather she was sick that they had found the biggest piece of evidence she attempted to hid. It ‘s been reported that there were numerous reports of Caylee’s body being found anfd this was the only one that made her sick. Just a coincidence? I think not!

  2. Janel Corey says:

    I so hope it is released! Maybe then, one of the jurors can finally see her guilt!

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