Casey Anthony Gets Ready To Leap From Jail And Into More Law Suits!!

CNN is reporting that Texas Equusearch filed a civil lawsuit to recoup the costs for their search for Caylee in 2008  during the summer and fall.  The Defense said in open court that Casey knew her daughter drowned and yet she lied to authorities and everyone else where her daughter was.

Now Ms. Anthony you must pay the Piper!! It is proper that Texas Equusearch files now while they know the whereabouts of Casey because once she is sprung it is anyone’s guess where she will be and finding her will be difficult.  Serving her in jail is the best place because she can’t run and she can’t hide.

The suit is asking for compensatory damages of $115,000 plus interest and attorney fees according to CNN.  So any new found wealth Ms. Anthony finds once she gets out of jail, will be earmarked for her defamation suit, Texas Equusearch and the Orange County costs which have not been added up yet.

Oh what a terrible web of lies she did weave and now they are all unraveling to her dismay.

Cindy Anthony received some good news, she will not face perjury charges for lying on the stand over the computer searches.  I’m not sure I agree with that, but then maybe the state of Florida has had enough of the Anthony family.

In the meantime, Caylee’s Law is mounting pressure and steam across the country with over 1 million signatures on the Facebook petition.  Many are urging caution on this wave of emotion and saying to be careful with the drafting of the real law so it doesn’t get teenagers into trouble who violate curfew.

I don’t think Caylee’s Law has that intent, but I do understand how laws can be misunderstood.  Caylee Anthony will continue to shine down on this earth as a bright light helping to protect children who need help.


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