16 States Introduce Caylee’s Laws

The Los Angeles Times is reporting today that 16 states have introduced Caylee Laws against parents or caretakers who fail to report their children as missing.  The law would make it a felony for parents who fail to report their children as missing.   Over 700,000 signatures have been collected in an on-line petition since the Casey Anthony verdict.

This is an amazing outpouring of support from the American people to show their outrage over the jury’ verdict allowing Casey Anthony to walk over the charges brought against her.  Had there been a Caylee Law making it a felony for not reporting her daughter as missing Casey could have been found guilty.  Her partying lifestyle during those 31 days could have bought her jail time.

Caylee Law’s are the positive way of pouring anger into something good to protect children from parents like Casey who showed no regard for her daughter’s well-being.


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  1. sophie says:

    Isn’t it amazing how Caylee’s Law is able to grow so quickly! Thank goodness, Caylee will not have died in vain.

    This is something WE can do, we must leave it to God to deal with Caylee’s biological mother.

  2. kylucky says:

    And that puts Caylee front and center above her mother, which Casey despised her daughter being the center of attention….so my piece of mind is that yeah, Casey might be “famous”, but her daughter out shines her every step of the way….there is already a country singer that has a song for Caylee and no, I don’t believe he is keeping the dollars made – I believe he is donating to the cause….AND the new Caylee’s law….we need to focus on keeping Caylee’s name out there and boycott any TV show/movie/book that has Casey’s name/face on it…nobody want to hear her lies…keep it about Caylee….

    1. You are absolutely correct. This little girl’s death will outshine her mother. She will always be remembered. I’m so glad that this Angel brought down that lightening on that tree where her remains were found. It was like a message from above. Very spirtual.

  3. venicehippychick says:

    This is amazing how fast this Law took effect! WONDERFUL!

    1. The uproar of the American people will not be silenced by 12 jurors who didn’t know how to handle what they didn’t understand. I think they should have asked for more instructions from the judge, personally if they didn’t know they should have asked. Because they didn’t the American people will speak for this little girl.

    1. I would suggest people actually go to the blog. This post is a litle confusing, but when you go to her site it is much clearer that she had put in several posts in this comment. Very strong comments.

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