Casey Anthony Could Go Free Next Week! Facing Lawsuits & Anger!

August 9 2005---June 16 2008
Image by CHARMERS ❤’S LILY ROSE via Flickr

Casey Anthony stood in front of Judge Perry again today ready to hear the sentence and it was 4 years concurrently for the 4 charges of lying to police officers in the search for her daughter.  She gets credit for time served and that means she could go free next week by July 13, according to some experts.

She may be free from jail, but not free from law suits as the Texas Equisearch ponders a $100,000 lawsuit against her for recouping the costs they put out for the search for her “lost” daughter.  Cindy Anthony called them to come and help search for Caylee.  The Orange County law enforcement is considering a lawsuit for the same thing for recouping their costs for the search for her”missing” daughter.  Jose Baez opened a can of worms when he said in the opening statement that Caylee was never lost, she drowned.  Casey knew where she was all along.  Casey also owes the IRS $68,000 dollars, from 2008.  Must be from the photo rights she sold on pictures of Caylee to TV stations.  She didn’t pay any taxes, now the IRS wants their share.

Okay, Casey, pay up! Oh and let’s not forget the poor woman you defamed Zanny the Nanny!  She has another lawsuit against you.

I follow a very well-known literary agent on twitter an on the Huffington Post, and yesterday he wrote that Casey Anthony will not be offered anything for a book deal.  Why?  Because America hates Casey.  No one wants to buy a book written by a liar about killing a precious little girl.

Justice for Caylee!! Those are the words being echoed across America and no one wants Casey to make any money off from her death. A new law was entered in Florida and in Oklahoma making it a crime for a parent or a caregiver to not know where their child is for any length of time.  They are calling it the Caylee’s Law! If Florida had such a law, Casey would have been convicted  of a Felony of Child Abuse for Neglect not knowing where her child was for 31 days.

Turning Anger into Positive is what we all need to do for Caylee’s memory.  Let’s pass Caylee’s Law across the country and make sure no parent ever gets away with abandonment again.


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  1. one4truth says:

    Actually, she’s not guilty of this new law……………she new exactly where her daughter was…. 1) in the trunk 2) in a garbage bag 3) in a laundry bag 4) in a marshy swamp…………..she’s guilty of MURDER regardless of what 12 jurors said!!!!! I pray that if she gets pregnant again, she will miscarry and God will take this baby home before it ever suffers one day in her murderous mitts!!

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