Where Was the Justice For Caylee Anthony?

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Many people are asking where was the justice for Cayee Anthony after the jury reached the verdict in the trial for her mother of  not guilty of murder or of child abuse?  Where is the Justice for this precious child who lost her life? How did she lose her life? That fact is lost in Casey Anthony’s mind and we may never know the truth.

The defense told a story about a drowning and the jury was so confused they didn’t know what was the truth. The prosecution tried to show what happened to Caylee, but the jury had made up their mind they were going to believe that Casey’s defense of misdirection.  Many people are calling this trial OJ#2. A Miscarriage of justice once again.

George and Cindy Anthony left the courtroom and released a statement through a spokesperson saying they thought the jury did a fair job.  Will they let Casey back into the home? I hope not. After the pain and heartache she has caused, I hope they let her go and live her life somewhere else and let them live their life alone without her lies.

They did what they needed to do as parents and their job is done, but now they can get on with their lives and not have it filled with Casey’s stories of deception.

Casey’s web of deception has taken a terrible toll. The Prosecutor, Jeff Ashton has announced his retirement. He had fought so hard for this precious child, but in the end, the jury did not see a reasonable way of death for it to be Casey. Maybe they didn’t see that she murdered her child, but what did they think was going on for 31 days of not knowing where her daughter was?

In most people’s books, that is against the law and would have been a charge of child abuse. But Jose Baez had them convinced that big bad George did something.  I don’t think George did anything except love his Grandchild.  What a tragedy of justice not carried out for this little girl.


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  1. Angie~Lah says:

    I personally believe that Casey Anthony was completely responsible, but a jury of her peers didn’t come to that same conclusion. *sigh* IF she didn’t do it, then who did? When will we see justice for this child?

    There are many people suggesting that this was an accidental death by drowning. If so, why the heck wasn’t it reported? You DO NOT make an accidental drowning look like murder. This child’s remains were found in the woods. Who put her there?

    1. Just as the Medical examiner said, 100 percent of accidental drownings are reported to 911 and all of them want the child to be alive and brought back to life. None want their child to be dead. You have the same questions I have. Who puts a child in the woods to make an accident look like murder?

  2. 5redherrings says:

    I agree with you and will be glad to “Press This” if you add a button [look under “appearances” in your dashboard.

    1. Thanks I think I just did that. I appreciate your help.

  3. No Justice for Caylee says:

    Accident my foot. You come out and find your precious child face down in a pool you grab them dial 911 and begin CPR.

    You don’t hide the body, dump the baby’s body in a swamp and not alert authorities for 31 days.

    That’s the key – they waited 31 days because that is how long it takes for a human body in that climate in water to decompose long enough so that you cannot get a good toxic screen or sexual molestation charge.

    This was murder most foul of a sweet innocent child – there was no justice for Caylee.

    And mark my words, psychopaths murder without remorse.

    Party hardy Casey, have a beautiful life but Karma will catch up with her and whoever murdered this child.

    1. The Accident was the Defense “Theory” that is what the Jury couldn’t separate. It was a Theory. No Proof, no evidence. They just liked Jose better than the prosecution so they found in favor of Casey. Bull Shit. They should have found of in favor of this beautiful precious child, who had no one to speak up for her.

      You are right it was planned and it was meticulous to destroy evidence. Casey is not going to be any celebrity with this over her head. She will be shunned all over this country.

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