Jury Has The Casey Anthony Case, When Will The Verdict Come In?

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The final arguments are over and the judge read the jury instructions and now the jury has the case. It took a long time to get here, but now we all must wait to see what the jury verdict will be.

I thought the Prosecution final arguments were brilliant, especially using Casey Anthony’s own words to show that she didn’t care about her missing daughter just the number for her boyfriend.  Boy did that speak volumes.  Everyone is worried about Caylee except her mother.  Casey was mouthing things as those jail house conversations were being played about the pool drowning and I wish I could read lips.

Casey, your days are numbered.  Your lying days are over.  Everyone knows you for what you are and no one will ever believe a thing you say.  I felt sorry for her father, George, having his suicide note read in open court.  He was so sad and lonely in that note and he wanted to be his granddaughter.  He was not involved with this coverup as the Defense wanted everyone to believe in opening statements.

The Defense opening statements were gone.  Their closing arguments were all about how the Prosecution didn’t prove that Casey did anything.  All of the Defense Charts and long-winded arguments just put me to sleep. The Prosecution’s rebuttal was brilliant when they went back and said no one was driving Casey’s car but her.  When they showed Casey texting that George had run over a dead animal right before she had Tony pick her up, it showed that she knew her car smelled, and she was trying to pin it on her dad.

Casey was in the corner and the Prosecution didn’t let up, and I hope for justice for precious Caylee who is in Heaven watching over all of us.


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  1. Katydid says:

    It all comes back to one person….who was in charge of Caylee…..who had her and who was watching her before the 16th when she was staying with her boyfriend….according to Cindy she was not…Casey told her the Nanny was…there was no Nanny….She had to be somewhere….in the car knocked out…..more than likely.

    1. That might have been when she died. When Casey was in Tony’s Arms. Don’t you know that he is having nightmares thinking of that.

    1. Thanks for the referral.

  2. Cynthia Ann Blair-Hoover says:

    How can I be notifed when the jury has reached a decision so I can watch it live?

    1. Just keep watching CNN or HLN is all I know to do.

  3. Milly frost says:

    Regardless of the weak and very poor character of Casey Anthony. I do not see clear cut evidence that she killed her child. Pacing together stranged and poor behavior with the fact that her life would have been better without her child in addition to lies is not sufficient and profound evidence to convict someone of first degree muder. I grant you that both prosecutors are excellent speakers, but what they spoke about was not defenitive or proved Casey was the killer….I am not sticking up for the actions of Casey. But I have not been shown evidence to convict her of murder. You can not convict someone based on stealing and lies or the fact that they were neglectful as a parent. I am looking for evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that tells me she is the murder. So far, I have not seen it.

  4. clay miller says:

    There is no doubt that Casey is a bad seed. Being a bad seed does not constitute the death penalty. There is a lot of judgement based on character, but no proof beyond a reasonable doubt that she is in fact the murder. The prosecution did not have the evidence to convict her, so they are focusing on her bad character and the fact that she liked the night life. No good! Not enough!…
    On a another note, Nancy Grace is a shamful!
    She thinks she is the voice of the Justice System. She has individuals convicted before the jury makes their decesion. She is full of anger and bitterness about life. I have never seen her any other way…

  5. themadchuck says:


    Here’s why Casey Anthony should have been found GUILTY. This is the whole story.

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