Cindy Anthony’s Testimony Was A Lie, Prosecution Rebuttal Proves!

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The Prosecution called a computer forensic witness to show that many of the “so-called searches” she claimed to have made were never made on the home computer.  Then they called her work supervisor who also said she was at work and logged in on her work computer during the hours of the searches on the Anthony home computer.

Did I not say that Cindy testified to these facts to save her daughter’s life? Now we see that she made it all up and it is not going to help her daughter, and it might make her life worse when she tries to get another job.  Not truthful, Mrs Anthony, and the world knows it.

It will be up to the judge to see if he calls Cindy’s testimony into question when he instructs the jury.  Yes Jose Baez showed the world this is a dysfunctional lying family.  Who is to be believed?  Were any of the tears real?  I would like to think the sorrow shown by the Grandmother and Grandfather were real.  Perhaps even Lee was upset over the lies in his own family.

This whole drama is too cruel for most families and perhaps Casey’s real motive was to run away from it all when she took her daughter’s life.  She has not shown any remorse for Caylee’s death, unlike the rest of us who can hardly look at that beautiful little girl without our heart sighing that this precious girl is gone.

What will happen with the verdict?  We can only pray that a little girl receives justice.


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