Defense Rests Without Casey Testifying, She Smirked at Her Father’s Pain Yesterday!!

What a long time coming and speculation continued to the last minute when the Judge asked Casey if she understood she could testify, but she said she was not.  Yea! The defense rested and now the Prosecution is calling their rebuttal witnesses.

This will be interesting to see who they call to show that Jose did not do his homework.  The testimony from the Anthony family about the burial of pets, was really to show that they may have used blankets and plastic bags and duct tape to bury pets.  So this is because Caylee was buried this way???

A far fetch if you ask me.  Many of us have buried our pets in many ways, but we do not bury our family members the same way.  At least if you love your family member, you have a professional funeral for them.  This shows that Caylee was not loved in the way that most of us would bury a family member, if Casey threw her away.

Yesterday, when George was crying about his suicide attempt and wanting to be with Caylee, he left the stand and Casey had a smirk on her face as her father walked by.  How cold and manipulative.  It was as if she had won and hurt her family the way she wanted to.

Casey may not realize that many in the court saw that smirk and it was terrifying to say the least. She has cooked her goose as far as my opinion is concerned.


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