Casey Anthony Trial- Who is Telling the Truth Game Playing Out With Family!

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First we heard from Cindy that she did the computer searches on her home computer for Chlorophyll, then  a pop up ad appeared and it was about skateboarding and neck breaking.  Come on, how many of us believe that Pop-up Ad story???

Most of us never look at pop-ups, we click the x to get it off our computer or we have our computer program to hide all pop-ups.  Cindy is a nurse, why would she be searching for chloroform?  How stupid does she think the jury is??

Then we had Lee testifying about his Mom and Dad keeping a secret and he breaks down crying.  Did anyone see real tears?  The secret was Casey was pregnant, and in a house with a Nurse and a former police officer, they want us to believe that they didn’t know Casey was pregnant??

Yesterday, Cindy testified that sent the private investigators to the woods searching for Caylee’s remains on a Psychic tip.

Where did we hear that one before?  Then Lee didn’t back-up Cindy’s story, and oops someone didn’t have the right playbook to match the Cindy story.

Today we have George Anthony crying on the stand about Caylee’s remains and reliving that moment.  The only person in that family that has not cried on the stand in Casey, and will she testify?

Casey sat expressionless as her father cried on the stand over the news that Caylee had died.  This woman has no heart for her family in my opinion.

This trial has become the world of revolving truths, or lies.  Who will be up next and how big a lie can they spin.  The prosecution is going to have a field day with showing the work records of Cindy and that she was at work not at home.

So will Perjury be filed on those who have lied? It is up to the state of Florida to press that after the trial.  You can be sure if this jury is hung, those charges will probably be filed in my opinion.


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