Casey Anthony Fit For Trial She is Competent to Proceed!!

The Casey Anthony trial continued yesterday after a weekend full of speculation by all the experts watching the case.  It seems everyone one of the “experts” missed why court was recessed on Saturday.  Her defense team, told the judge, they didn’t think Casey was competent to aid in her own defense.

The judge ordered psychological interviews with 2 psychologist and 1 psychiatrist. Not one of the “experts” interrupting the trial had figured that one out.  I think, it was a brilliant move on the defense team’s part.  Now when Casey testifies, they can say, we told you we didn’t think she was fit to aid in her own defense, and now she insists on testifying.  If Casey testifies, then the defense has removed any burden from their shoulders that they did all they could to prove she wasn’t in her right mind.

Today Roy Kronk may seem, according to CNN, he has been ordered to appear in court today.  What will the defense try to have him say?  It is anyone’s guess since in their opening statement, they said Kronk stole the body and brought it back.  Yesterday two “investigators” for the Defense testified they went to the “burial site” and they didn’t find the body.  So you guys couldn’t find a snake if it was in front of you.

The “psychic” was talking to them on the phone and telling them how to search, according to their testimony, but they didn’t look like they searched that hard from their “tape” of their investigation.  You can see where the defense is going on this one.  The defense investigators didn’t find the body, therefore, Kronk had it.  Bunch of bull if you ask me.

The trail continues  to have avid court watchers and today will not be any different.  It is anyone’s guess what Mr. Kronk can testify about today.


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  1. julie santos says:

    This is what I sent to the Nancy Grace show : **Please email me back** (First can I say that I ‘know’ if I don’t like the show, I can simply not watch – but as a nurse I watch all my TV at the hospital bedside, the patients are watching this) This BREAKS my heart, please stop and consider how so many of us feel – this whole Casey Anthony trial and big, dramatic media parade. As a loving Christian, Registered Nurse, mother and grandmother I am so horribly tired of watching Nancy Grace, Jane Velez-Mitchell and most of the other CNN news people constantly yelling, screaming and never being tender at all about this beautiful, precious angel Caylee (showing so many pictures of this INNOCENT child created by God (not you) – you are ALL using a precious life!!!!!) Screaming and at the same time running Caylee’s pictures! Should the guilty pay? Of course! But God is God alone – pray for His will in all of this – Not YOURS! You never give a single consideration to the other side (more on this further on). To me this whole thing is evil – and everyone is profiting on the horrible loss of a beautiful girl. Everyone wants a peice of the power and $$$ pie. Do I believe that Casey Anthony is guilty – ? – of course! (though maybe one of her boyfriends were ALSO involved – this is common, boyfriends abusing kids!!!)Do I believe that there are many young people/parents out there that have NO business being alone with kids? Yes!! I work at the busiest ER in the state – I have seen the horror of child abuse and neglect , it is epidemic now and it often times involves young people/parents. Do you realize that many of these people are either drug addicts, or have other serious challenges (poverty, victims themselves of horrible parenting and/or also organic psychiatric disorders). Matter of fact, many in my own family have compared our ex daughter-in-law to Casey Anthony! We have had full custody of her son (our grandson) since he was about one years old – you see, my son married her (she flung herself on him – they were young, and our son fell in love – hard!!!!) They married very young – not because they had too, no but because my son wanted to ‘save’ her from her horrible family. They married as soon as she turned 18 years old – we couldn’t stop them. We hardly knew of her history – only that she claimed to have a horrific home life – yet many young, troubled teens have ‘issues’ with their families. To make a long story short – we FINALLY got to know her family (severe bipolar mother and alcoholic father – siblings with many issues (drug dealers, substance abuse, violence, arrests – etc. etc. amongst EVERY one of her families lives) What our precious son has seen and witnessed has damaged him forever – one thing is pure EVIL and he had to testify against these horrible people that stoled his car and did a HORRIFIC crime. You have no idea the horrible HELL we have lived in since this young woman came into our lives!!!! To see how it has affected our precious grandson (Jack now 6), our own son – forever damaged and US (we have worried ourselves too death , we have already spent $30,000 trying to keep Jack safe. Despite what the Guardian ad litem and his Pediatrician say – “she is NEVER to have unsupervised custody” she STILL is trying to fight us and in Washingtonn state grandparents have NO rights – she gets free attorneys but we have no choice – soon we go to trial and we have heard that it is going to be very expensive!!!! What did we do? We didn’t do anything to deserve this – our daughter in law neglected him horribly and then she gave up and we raised him – WE HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO PROTECT HIS YOUNG LIFE!!!! Otherwise he would have been either dead or in foster care!!!! Now suddenly she is ‘back’! again and wants to “fight” for him – but this woman is very unstable – she has wild mood swings, she cannot keep a story straight, she is IMPOSSIBLE to deal with (while we gladly allow supervised visits – though she is often disinterested, snobby to us, and/or hyper maniac Happy. To share custody would mean we would have to be at her mercy – her taking off and putting him at risk and not returning, etc. etc. etc.) We are convinved our ex daughter in law is very sick (? BiPolar, ? antisocial personality disorder??) etc. etc. Despite all the horrow she has put everyone through – we KNOW she is a sicko and we would not be surprised if we discovered she had been abused in every way her entire life – This young woman has taken years off our lives, she has cost us multiple thousands of $$$ already – she has destroyed SO many – BUT, amazing, weHAVE forgiven her…. she has no right to be forgiven but we HAVE as she is a sick young lady and has reasons to be. She even looks and talks like Casey. So may I ask you – how come you cannot ‘forgive’? You have been thru NOTHING
    like our family – and we have forgiven!!!!
    Maybe you can loan us some of your new found wealth to help US fight for our grandsons life – something to consider! Thank you!
    Julie Santos

    1. Julie,
      I do not have any new found wealth, I only comment on this case. I applaud you for helping to keep your grandson safe. You will be rewarded. His love and safety is your reward on earth.

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