Casey Anthony Trial Takes Two Testimonies to Change Defense Perception

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Casey Anthony’s brother and mother both said things on the stand that were not the same things they both told police almost three years ago.  Why are we seeing two members of the family suddenly changing their story?  Both have met with Baez in recent week and have come up with a strategy to derail the prosecution.

It would seem that the prosecution now has their work cut out for them showing that both have changed their testimony and have lied.  This family is full of lies.  Does the lying come from Cindy or George?  It appears to come from Cindy since George has stuck by his testimony so far.  What does the Prosecution do when two witnesses change their story?

Would the Prosecution push for Perjury?  This whole case twists and turns better than any script.  No one truly believes the stories that both Cindy and Lee are now telling.  They both seem desperate to keep Casey from going to the Death Penalty, but is it legal what they have done with Baez?

I’m not an attorney, and it seems very strange to me that two people in the same case can now change their testimony.  How about video tape depositions?  The Prosecution is going to have to bring out the video’s and show that both have dramatically changed what they said before.

You remember they took oaths to swear the truth, so help me God!  God knows what the truth is, and I wish he/she could testify in this case of the death of a precious child.


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  1. sophie says:

    You know, it’d be so refreshing to have Baez change his story that Casey lies because the whole family lies, and that’s it. It’s learned acceptable behavior and they use it as a coping mechanism. THAT, I’d almost buy. In that family, there’s no such thing as the truth. There’s half-truths and mis-truths….but no truth and no lies.

    The only true thing to come out of the mouth of anyone in this family was Cindy’s initial response to the 911 operator.

    1. Great response. I agree, no one seems to be telling the truth. With the judge halting the trial today due to a major legal issue, it will be interesting to see what that is on Monday. Perjury charges would be a great thing for the prosecution to file.

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