Cindy Anthony’s Testimony is it Purjury Or a Desperate Mother Trying to Save Her Dauther’s Life?

Yesterday, Cindy Anthony’s testimony about the computer searches was a major bombshell for the Defense in the Casey Anthony Trial.  She is now claiming that she was searching the computer for chloroform.  Previously the Prosecution had introduced Cindy’s work records which showed she was at work that day during the hours the computer was searched.

But when asked why she would be home instead of work, Cindy claimed she went home early a few days during that period.

The Prosecution was not happy and tried to get Cindy to admit that she might have been at work and not at home.  This is an interesting turn of events, considering that the Prosecution can call witnesses to verify where Cindy was on this day.

Personally, I think Cindy is trying to show the Casey did not premeditated murder with these searches.  Raising doubt in the juror’s minds is what the Defense is trying to do, and Cindy just jumped right in yesterday.

Some experts believe that Cindy may have committed perjury!  If this is true, would the state pursue that charge?  Hard to know since it appears Cindy is trying to take the blame for things her daughter may have done.  Is it the truth?  If not, then we know maybe where Casey developed her lying.

This is so sad for Cindy to do this at this time, because many see it for what it is, a drastic step to save her daughter’s life.

In another twist, the Anthony attorney, Mark Lippman released another statement saying his words had been taken out of  context about the Anthony’s not believing their daughter was guilty.  CNN reports that the original reporter on the story had asked Lippman what was taken out of context?  Lippman could not point to exactly what was reported incorrectly.  Sounds like lawyer double speak to me.

We shall see if Lippman is in trouble for his statement as the days go on, but maybe he should have kept his mouth shut instead of making any comment about his clients.


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    1. I like your vote for whether Cindy should be charged. Keep up the good work.

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