Casey Anthony Parents Do Not Believe She is Innocent!!

Yesterday on CNN, AC360, Cindy and George Anthony’s parent’s attorney, Mark Lippman, stated that they do not believe she is innocent, but they do not want her to get the death penalty.    Lippman, the Anthony family attorney, told CNN’s Gary Tuchman, this statement.

Yes, they have had enough, just like most of us watching this trial.  How could they not after what they have been through for the past 3 years?  My heart goes out to them, having to live with this and the loss of their innocent grandchild, Caylee.

What will this do to the defense?  Probably nothing, considering Baez is so over his head in this trial.  The jury doesn’t get to see the news, so they will not be aware.  Many legal experts are stating that Baez is just throwing everything up on the wall and hoping something sticks to keep Casey from the death penalty.

Casey Anthony has shown so many moods in court that are not shown by a grieving parent.  Many times she appears bored to be there,  as if she is not even there  and her face shows a blank stare.  Know that the jury is watching her as well and what they hear and  how she reacts is a major problem for the defense.

One expert on HLN reported that viewers have stated it looks like Baez can’t wait for the trial to be over, he doesn’t even seem to be trying.  This of course will lead to the verdict being overturned for inadequate counsel, except he has many other attorneys that are trying for the defense.

Precious Caylee is gone, and her mother knows what happened to that little girl.  How the little girl died, only Casey knows for sure, and she will probably take that to her grave.


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  1. sophie says:

    I think they “knew” all along, however denial is a powerful thing. No parent wants to be forced to wear the shoes of the Anthonys, the Dahmers, I could go on and on. For every person out there who has killed another, there is a set of parents, children, siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews to go with them. These people also suffer. How can their loved one have done something so heinous? Was any of it due to something they did, said, didn’t do? NO, certainly it cannot be true, this person they love, has done such a thing. I didn’t think the Anthony’s would admit it to themselves so soon, but I am glad they have. It will allow them to continue on with their lives.

    1. You are absolutely right. I believe when George tried to commit suicide, that he knew then, and the grief overwhelmed him. As a former law enforcement officer, I’m sure he had his gut telling him something was amiss, but like you said it was his daughter. I imagine, he tried to stuff that down so far, but it went against his nature. The families of are the victims just like the ones who are killed, they have families as well. What a terrible thing to live with, and yes, I imagine they are second guessing themselves just as you said. I only hope that little angel shines her light on them as they continue to heal.

  2. offthecuff says:

    I guess Lippman got himself into a mess, didn’t he? Some things can’t be taken back, even if they are re-phrased. Good lawyer-speak, though.

  3. Nina says:

    I can understand there denial..No parent wants to believe there own child could do what Casey did….They were not only in denial,they were in severe pain from all this….Then they had to deal with the negativiy from the news media and the puiblic….Casey manipulated every one that came in her path ,not just her family..I am sure from the beginning in George and Cindys mind, they were fighting back and forth with there feelings,but the love they had for Casey they went back in the mode of no she couldnt of done that,not my child…Its a sad case all around… No one should of had to go though what they did……No child should of had to went though what Caylee did….They will continue to love Casey…She is there child….But I do believe they now realize justice has to be served for there grandaughter ..I do believe there pain will never leave them..I only hope that one day they can learn to deal with this grief….Thats all I wish for them…

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