Drowning Story by Casey Anthony Defense Might Be Another Inmate’s Truth!

If you have watched this case, you know that the Defense for Casey Anthony came out in opening statements with a story to rival a Hollywood screenplay.  They said that Caylee drowned in the family pool and then Grandfather George found Caylee and helped cover up the accident with Casey.

Yesterday the prosecution learned that there was an inmate, April Whalen,  in close proximity to Casey Anthony’s cell who had this story happen to her toddler son.  Yes, that’s right, not Casey, but another inmate had lost her son in a backyard pool and the child’s grandfather found the baby boy.  Sounds like Casey’s Defense Opening Statements.

In every lie, you can find a small kernel of truth if you look hard enough.  The truth might be that Casey heard about the story and may have told her attorney this story so they would have a defense strategy.  Yes, it is another intricate lie told by Casey to get herself off.

This whole story surfaced yesterday afternoon while the Defense was putting experts on the stand to say that Caylee’s body might have only been in the dump spot for two weeks.  Of course the photo that the expert pulled this theory from was a photo showing the dump site after it had been cleared of the original leaves.  Shoddy testimony to say the least.

This case could not have been written by a Hollywood screenwriter, because they would have said it isn’t believable.  But Casey Anthony is an unbelievable liar.  She may take pieces of truth and weave them together to find a story that will fit her.  Speculation continues about whether the Defense will put Casey on the stand, but with this story coming out yesterday, I doubt they would put her on the stand because the jury has had enough of these lies.


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  1. feather says:

    Most definitely she “stole” the story, a pathalogical liar will take someone else’s life story and weave it into their very own reality most especially if it is a tragedy to seek sympathy for their own deeds

    1. Watching this case should help all of us learn how to spot liars. I can not believe that her defense team didn’t research this one? She is showing all of us that she is more than guilty on this one, and there will be no truth out of those lips. I just hope the Jury can see this for what it is, a selfish woman who wanted to party and took the life of her child.

  2. sophie says:

    If her child had died by accident, such as drowning, or ‘forgotten’ in the car and died of heat exposure, this would have come out immediately. Her attorney would have explained the difference between involuntary manslaughter and murder. Unless Casey really, really thought that she’d never be caught (which is amazing considering all the lies she was already caught in) I cannot believe her attorneys didn’t encourage her to take the accidental route before.

    If her father had indeed acted inappropriately, she’d have thrown him under the bus the minute this thing took off.

  3. sophie says:

    And another thing about George Anthony…while I don’t like much of his behavior in all this, I do not for one minute think he’d let his daughter take the fall for something he did. In fact, I believe if he’d had the chance, he’d have taken the rap FOR her. I truly believe that if he could trade places with his daughter, he would.

    1. Sophie,
      I totally agree with you. His behavior at the beginning I think was fear. Then it turned to Grief, and both of those emotions can cause people to do strange things. I believe he now feels guilt, having not seen what his daughter is capable of in this case. At least her mother said that Casey lies, so she knows, she doesn’t tell the truth, but I don’t think either one of them was prepared that their daughter could, or would do something to their precious Granddaughter.

  4. brian says:

    In order for the drowning to be true. 1. The father must have been the dumbest cop in history to say. Hey Casey, your mom is going to be so mad at you. I think it is best to hide the body in a swamp and take our chances with the COPS! Now, lets say he decides to put Caylee in a bag after she drowns because he is afraid that it is his own kid. Well, he can’t be stupid enough to think that the odds of them taking a paternity test after Caylee drowned and it coming back as he being the father is greater than the treadmill he has to run around hiding the body. And then going on National tv to find her when she is only buried 15 houses away!!
    I’ve heard about taking bad odds in Vegas. But COME ON FOLKS!
    I know George is pretty much a two faced smiling bastard. He clearly was giving River Cruz the paddle on a regular basis. He is hiding something from us. That I am sure of as well. He is coming off as a good Religious boy reading the bible day in and day out and yet he wants to commit SUICIDE?? That way he would never see his Caylee if that were his true beliefs.
    I slide in favor of Jose Baez that good old George just felt the walls caving in on him. What those walls are, I’m not sure. I do know that in 2008 in a FBI interview with him. George mentioned, now get this. He says,” THE POOL THING” I can see he was rambling and lying about something. Liars tend to talk in circles and jump from one subject to another as he was doing.

    And if he wants his daughter to get off the death sentence. Why is he fist fighting Jose Baez. Let Jose have a field day and get Casey off. Makes no sense. Cyndy Anthony is a pill popping Pez machine. Yet she Lied all the way to the brinks of hell trying to get Casey off. Yet, George is has such an ego. All he can do is try and tackle Jose on everything. Just as Baez wants. Played right into his hands.
    Something is very fishy with this George and it won’t be the last we hear of him. Casey has to have a reason to be this out of line in life.
    Whoops, can’t bore you any longer. Have to get my coffee.

    1. Very interesting Brian. Your mind is very interesting and clever.

  5. brian says:

    One more thing. Jose Baez is so SICK and TIRED of Casey. Knowing she is guilty as sin. He threw the towel in on this one. And this is how the conversation went. Listen you little sad excuse for human life. Lets just plead the ‘ I don’t know what the heck happened to Caylee’ Caylee says. No, I have a friend in the inside and she says go with the drowning theory. Baez say’s OK< OK, if that will shut you up. Because I think that that will be a better story in my book when it comes out. I'll make more money than god on this once in a lifetime story. How I defended the dumbest Devil on Earth.

    1. I believe you are right on that one. Jose is sick and tired of Casey. He is so ready to be out of this case.

  6. heather says:

    ok…Why would Casie’s lawyer say that her dad helped CASIE get rid of the body after he found Caylee had drowned in the pool? Isn’t he saying that his client (Casie) is also guilty of Murder for helping get rid of the body? I don’t understand. Why would they come up with such a story about the client he is trying to defend? Can someone help me with that?

  7. heather says:

    If you have nothing to hide, you would not have to lie about ANYTHING! If they could not convict her of murder because it wasnt proven without a resonable doubt she should of at least got charged with manslaughter..something more than lieing to police. There was obviously a reason she lied what she lied about!! Come on people,,,really?

    1. I agree with you and I think we haven’s seen the end of the lawsuits on Casey. There is discussion that Lee Anthony is retaining his own attorney. He might sue for wrongful death or defamation of his character in open court. Wouldn’t that sit her on her little tail?

  8. Robert Hodge says:

    If Lee is retaining his own attorney, it’s because he NEEDS one, not because he waants to screw,….I mean SUE, his own sister.

    1. Why does Lee need one? That is the question?

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