Casey Anthony Trial Shuts Down Due to Defense Witnesses Not Ready

The Judge in the Casey Anthony Trial shut it down when Jose Baez revealed he did not have a witness to bring forth on Monday after two of his witnesses were not allowed to testify.

It appears that Jose Baez is playing fast and loose with the rules of the court and he got his hands slapped on Friday, Saturday and now today because he is not following the rules of evidence with the Prosecution.  I think he was watching too much Perry Mason when he grew up.  That’s just for TV Jose, it is not real.

This is not the first time that Jose has not played by the rules, it seems he didn’t pay his child support either and was denied admittance into the bar until he brought his support current.  Rules are rules Jose, and you are not exempt, you must watch what the Judge says, or a mistrial may be ordered.  If that happens and it is Jose’s fault, you can be sure that Casey Anthony will be looking for a whole new defense team.

It will be interesting tomorrow to see if Jose has learned his lessons and starts playing by the rules.  Court is ordered back in session at 9 a.m.


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  1. knight owl says:

    Hi there, good post. Well Baez is a shister and has no case to present without it being full of lies and full of lier’s to lie for him on the stand like spitz. He is a disgrace and so are the one that will lie for him on the stand. I am disappointed in Judge Perry today as he asked both sides to look at the clock one said one time and one said a minute past that time. Judge Perry said you two will never agree on anything. Well how can they when Jeff Ashton’s team is playing by the rules and being honest and Jose Baez team is lieing, and cheating everwyay they can and treat the rules as though they do not apply to them. ONLY Baez and Mason are the problems with this trial and it will continue to be this way. Spitz is a moroon and and a waste of court time as he is just a paid mouthpiece to say what the defense wants no matter how crazy it sounds and is. I am sure the juror’s are thinking the same.

    1. Well Said my friend. I do agree with you. I think it would be funny if Baez is held in contempt for all of his crazy maneuvers. The Prosecution is very professional and organized. It shows. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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