Casey Anthony Defense Pulling Out All Stops Adding Convicted Kidnapper to Witness List

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The Casey Anthony defense team added a convicted kidnapper to their witness list two days ago as a surprise to everyone.  Jose Baez is claiming that the kidnapper placed several calls to George Anthony the day of Caylee Anthony’s disappearance.  It looks like Jose is grasping at straws.

His investigators found four calls on George Anthony’s Cell phone records and when they investigated they traced back to a convicted kidnapper. Wow!  However, the Kidnapper just held his own Press Conference with his attorney this morning.  His attorney claims that his client didn’t own the cell phone at the time of the calls.  The Kidnapper says he doesn’t know George Anthony and has never called him or met him. He has only seen George on TV.

Jose Baez is using a last-ditch effort to throw mud on someone not even involved in the case and I think this time, it stinks.  I hope the convicted kidnapper takes legal action against Jose Baez for trying this kind of tactic.  Getting a cell phone with someone’s else number happens all the time.  You can not be held liable for what someone else did with the number prior to you acquiring the number.

Jose Baez team should have researched who owned the phone number at the time of the call.  Sounds simple, but looks like Jose has shown all of us how he doesn’t do his homework.  Remember when they were showing the jail house tapes of Casey and her father George and mother Cindy, and Cindy said the press had a theory that Caylee drowned in the pool?  Casey’s response was “surprise, surprise”.  Jose should have never tried to use a theory about drowning when Casey herself is shown on those jail house tapes disputing the validity.

We shall see what happens in court today, but I hope the judge doesn’t allow Jose’s convicted kidnapper to even appear in court.  There is no relationship unless having the same phone number puts the person into this case.  Watch out Floridians, Jose Baez is on the hunt for “reasonable doubt” if you drove by the crime scene you just might be placed on the Defense Witness list.


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