Anthony Weiner Says He Will Resign!

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Did I not say that Anthony Weiner should resign and concentrate on his addiction and his family?

Looks like he is taking that advice since he entered into a treatment facility and now that his wife is home, he has decided to resign.  ABC news just reported that he has told many in the Democratic party that he will step down.

Yesterday a Porn Star said Weiner told her to lie about their sexting and she refused and with Gloria  Allred by her side she read her statement about how she was going to tell the truth.  Stick another nail in Weiner’s Resignation coffin.  Sure he lied to the country when he denied it, but telling his women he had online relationships with to lie, now that is the lowest.

If Weiner thought he didn’t do anything wrong, why ask his girl friends to lie for him.?  Doesn’t work that way Anthony.  You can’t keep telling the American Public you didn’t do anything wrong and then ask your friends to lie for you.  Why?

I believe if he had stayed all of his positions would have been stripped from him in Congress.  At least now, if he gets his act together in a few years, he might be able  to come back.  That is a big if!


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