Prosecution Rests, Defense Take Over in Casey Anthony Trial!

The Prosecution finished their arguments yesterday with the tattoo artist as their last witness.  This is the artist who gave Casey her “Belle Vita”, Italian for “Beautiful Life”.  The artists said Casey did not mention her daughter was missing or was dead and that she was happy and even paid for a pizza party at the tattoo parlor. 

Casey has not shown that she has ever grieved for her daughter.  Even when they played the 911 call in court, her voice has no modulation when she is talking about her missing daughter, but she raises her voice when she mentions her car is missing.  Her car meant more to her than her daughter.

The Defense has already tried to have the case dismissed this morning in court saying that the Prosecution has not shown that Casey was directly tied to murder.  Dr. “G”  testified that no child who drowned would need to have duct tape around her face  3 times.  Dr. “G” testified that no child who had an accident would need to be tossed into a garbage bag and left in a field to rot.

Well maybe in the Defense’s eyes, the Prosecution didn’t show that Casey was tied to murder, but all the evidence does.  The Jury is just like the rest of us, they have children and grandchildren and they are going to wonder why Casey didn’t report her daughter had an “accident” if she drowned.  Most parents would call 911 and try to revive the child hoping that the child had not died.

This is one of the most interesting cases in recent history and it is because of Casey who has not shown concern for her daughter’s life that makes this way and the family dynamics of her family.  We shall see what the judge decides today about the dismissal of the case.


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