Prosecution Will Wrap Testimony This Week, Defense Might Begin in Casey Anthony Trial

Beware of Duct Tape
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This is the fourth week of the Casey Anthony Trial and the Prosecutors have very few witnesses left to call.  The Defense may begin their witnesses this week.  Last week, the Prosecution showed  what they believe is the real manner in which they think Caylee died, from the use of chloroform and then duct tape that may have caused suffocation.

The Defense of course challenged everything and continued to call for a mistrial throughout the week.  Is Jose Baez calling for a mistrial because he doesn’t have any real defense? 

Using duct tape over precious Caylee’s nose and mouth would have cut off her ability to breath and get oxygen.  There is no reason to put duct tape over her mouth and nose if she drowned by accident.  Dr. Garavaglia,  “G”, testified that in her years of conducting autopsies you don’t see parents concealing a drowning.  You don’t see parents putting duct tape over a child’s mouth and nose accidentally, and you don’t see a child’s body thrown away like trash in an accident.

Dr.”G” may be the best witness for the Prosecution.  She has a television program on the Discovery Channel for years.  I have enjoyed watching her program, because she is one of the most thorough medical examiners I have ever seen on television.  She doesn’t leave anything to chance.

Once again, if it was an accident, why would a concerned parent try to hide the body? Dr. “G” said that when you see a body in a bag and tossed in a field it is trying to be hidden and suggests homicide.  Although she did not say exactly how Caylee died, the evidence is beginning to speak for itself.

Saturday’s testimony centered on the flies in the trunk and larvae from those flies.  Prosecution witnesses said  the evidence  suggests  that a body was in the trunk for 3 to 5 days.  The heat in Florida and the moisture would have sped up the decomposition of the body.

What I think will be most telling is if the Prosecution brings in Casey’s cell phone pings off from cell towers where the body was found.  This testimony will be the most interesting in determining where Casey was during the time that body of Caylee  may have been  dumped.  Watching how this evidence all fits together is a puzzle but it may be the last piece to close the door on Casey Anthony.  What will happen in this trial by the Defense is yet to be seen, but Jose has a large mountain of evidence to overcome for his client.


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