Caylee’s Remains Shown to Jury, Casey Leaves Court Sick!

Precious Caylee Anthony was seen yesterday as no one should ever see a child, as a skull with duct tape around it in a wooded area surrounded by garbage.  Her mother, Casey, started hyperventilating and having dry heaves and had to leave the Court Room.  Court was dismissed early by the judge.

In another strange twist her brother, Lee, took the stand and told the story about Zanny the Nanny meeting up with Casey at a park in Florida with her sister and holding Casey down while they took Caylee from her.  Lee said his sister, told him, Casey said they took Caylee because she was not a good mother.  The same words that Cindy Anthony had said to her.  Is there any truth here? 

We know that Zanny was never a real person but that Cindy and Casey did have a fight and  that Casey told a friend Cindy told her that she was not a good mother.  I do not believe there was anything that happened at this park.  Another lie from Casey.

What I believe happened yesterday with Casey was she became anxious with the showing of Caylee’s remains and that the reality of what she may have done has hit her square in the face yesterday.  There may have been gasps and sounds in the courtroom that indicated the terrible sight of this precious child’s remains to the jurors.

The testimony from the experts of how they found the skull and the duct tape over the mouth and the nose was very descriptive.  You are left with haunting questions about what this little girl went through before she died.  Anger grabs at you heart to know that someone could harm this innocent little girl in this way.  Casey may have felt this anger from the courtroom yesterday and had to leave.

We will see however if the judge allows too many of these outbursts from Casey to disrupt court.  Is it an act or was it real?  She is a good actress, but yesterday may have been too much for many people to take. This is a death penalty case, and if she needed to leave so be it, but I doubt that the judge will allow her to dictate his court.

If I was in that courtroom yesterday, I believe I would have been sick, just thinking about it fills me with sadness and anger. My heart goes out to the family who have to know that the world is in their lives and looking at the remains of their precious child.

Prayers to Caylee and to the jurors who must sit there and hear about this terrible crime.


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  1. Yes, I agree. What a terrible day to have to listen or watch what they did.

  2. Jackie Paulson Author says:

    Prayers to Caylee and to the jurors who must sit there and hear about this terrible crime. AMEN to that. Great case, I LOVE LAW

    1. Jackie,
      Thank you for joining us here and your comments. Always welcome.

  3. Venice says:

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  4. Venice says:

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    1. Thank you for heads up on this troll.

      1. Venice says:

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    1. Venice,
      Glad I could help. I removed most of his comments and showed them as spam so hopefully he won’t get through again. Yes, he is not playing fair.

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