Sexting And Politicians. The Truth?

Anthony Weiner
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By now you have heard that Representative Anthony Weiner admitted he tweeted his private  implict photos to a college coed, and that yes he has sent other photos via his phone and engaged in lewd discussions on Facebook with many women.  But it took him a week before he admitted the truth.  Why?

Personally, I believe Anthony Weiner thought all of us were dumb when it came to social media.  It takes two to send a direct message on Twitter, and yes that means that both parties must have accepted the other as friends.  A Hacker can’t do that.

The fact that he said he wasn’t going to resign and that he hasn’t broken any laws reminds of John Edwards who just said almost the same thing a few day earlier when he was indicted for using campaign funds to cover up the existence of his mistress while he was running for office.

Okay, how many of us believe both of these guys belong in public office?  How about none of us!  The public trust has been broken and lost fellows.  You lost us the minute you denied your part in the scandals and then had to admit it.  We are not going to buy anything else you say.

Representative Weiner has been called on to resign by the many in Congress.  I think he should.  He needs to devote time to rehab for his possible sexual addiction to sending pictures of himself to women he doesn’t know.  He also needs to explain to his wife, what was going on in his world and why he did this!

Once again the powerful feel that they can lie to the public and get away with it.  Guess again, we caught you and we don’t like it.  We have not lost all of our values in this country even though some like to think we have, running around on your wife and sexting with college age women is not acceptable.

Resign Representative Weiner and face the facts that you need help!  John Edwards tried to get his mistress to marry him, and she said no.  He didn’t want her to testify against him.  Good for her that she saw through that veil of hypocrisy.


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