Reducing the Demand for Illegal Workforce And Putting Teeth Into E-Verify System

The Supreme Court upheld the Arizona law that requires business owners to use the Federal E-verify  system to check to make sure workers are not illegal workers is valid.  The Arizona law has teeth to take away the business license from any business who knowingly hires illegals and does not use the E-verify system.

Why is this important to the rest of the country?  It has the potential to pave the way for other states to pass similar legislation and for there to be a national ratification for use of the E-verify system as well.  Once our country, stops allowing employers to hire illegal workers, we will put Americans back to work. Creating jobs is what this country needs!

On May 19, Michael Lind, wrote,To stem illegal immigration, cut labor demand in U.S., opinion piece on In his article he states:;

  “Every employer in the United States could be required to use the E-Verify system designed to ensure that workers are not using forged identity documents of the kind that organized crime routinely provides. Instead of getting off with light fines for hiring illegal immigrants rather than law-abiding American citizens and legal immigrants, employers could face steep fines or jail terms.”

Human smuggling has gone on across our borders forever, and seizures of trucks filled with illegal workers from around the world with forged documents continues.  Our President mocked our border protection in a speech in El Paso and then the Border Patrol stopped a truck filled with 513 illegal workers who had paid $7,000 each to come into our country to work.  Some were from China, and other countries with forged documents.

We can’t be speaking from both sides of our mouth.  We either put Americans back to work, and have strong policies against employers who hire illegals from anywhere in the world who have forged documents, or we pass state enforcement policies that will stem the tide and fine big business owners who allow illegals to take jobs aways from Americans.

If we cut the demand for illegal workers, then human smugglers will not have customers, because word will be out that business owners will not hire them. 

Mr. Lind states it so well in this section of his opinion piece:

“But with mass unemployment expected to last for years, even if the economy slowly continues to recover, it makes no sense for the taxpayers to pay unemployment benefits to unemployed Americans while employers in their own states and communities continue to hire foreign nationals who have sneaked into the United States or violated federal law by overstaying their visas.”

California owes the Federal government over $11 Billion in unemployment insurance benefits according to a recent article in the Las Vegas Sun.  California is cutting its budget everywhere and asking state voters to raise taxes again to help pay the bills.

If California would adopt an aggressive E-verify system that penalized business owners who hired illegal workers, then we might see the state’s unemployment figures go down.  We can’t continue to look the other way, while  we pay long-term unemployment for citizens who want to work, but can’t because employers are hiring illegals over verified Americans.

Sanctuary cities which foster many of these illegal practices need to be outlawed.  We must put America back to work, and money back into our state’s budgets.  We can not allow the manufacture of illegal documents to continue or the human smugglers who deal in the  need for workers who can be manipulated by unsavory employers.


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  1. Lina Maini says:

    With all due and true respect, our dearest Uncle will find a way out again – as it did 15 years ago.

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