Casey Anthony Lies, Lies, Lies Catch Up To Her!

Casey Anthony has been booked into the Orange ...
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Casey Anthony has had  two full days of watching herself on video tape interviews being caught in her own lies over and over and over.  She is finally caught in the corner just like the detectives told her and she has nowhere to run or hide.

On one of the taped interviews with her parents, she even displays that the theory that Caylee drowned is not true. One of the key defense strategies in the opening statements Casey herself dispelled in a jail house interview with her parents on video tape.  I don’t think Jose Baez saw that one!

This young woman has told so many lies, it is masterful.  Only an another artful liar can keep up with her.  Her tightly weaved stories of Zanny the Nanny and her boss at Universal, both of whom she made up, because neither existed, but she had painted complete pictures of these two people with families, and hair color and children and mothers and the whole nine yards.

The bomb shell in court was when the real Universal boss appeared in court and stated he never met Casey and had no children or a girlfriend named Zanney. (Another corner for Casey, another win for the prosecution.)

The experts like Dr. Drew Pinsky are stumped. Criminal profilers like Pat Brown, say she is a psychopath.  Someone who has no caring for anyone else, no remorse, no guilt, only manipulates people and uses them and tosses them aside when they are done with them.  Cold, calculating, and deceitful.

This case is one for the textbooks.  I think this is why it has so many of us caught up in it.  We have never seen anyone like her.  At least most of us have never met anyone like her, nor would we want to.  It does make you wonder, if she is a a psychopath,  she is of course her own worse enemy and there is no defense over all the lies.

Most of us, normal folks would have said, yes, I made up this story because I was scared, but not Casey, even when the police detective asked her over and over if she wanted to change her statement and if this was the truth, she said yes. She emphasized it was the truth.  She believes her own reality of lies. 

One of the attorneys covering the trial for HLN, Jean Casarez, stated” that she saw a strange look on Casey’s face yesterday as she was watching herself on the video tape during the court testimony of the police detective.  It was a strange stare that was frightening”, she stated.

I think what she saw, was the flicker of Casey possibly realizing that she is trapped and there is no way out!


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  1. Michelle,
    We do not know that she has been abused by her father and brother, this is only a claim by the defense. No proof has been offered. Yes, you are correct, lies do not equal murder, but they are showing that she doesn’t know what the truth is when it comes to reality. I think the family is truly suffering. The possibility that they all could have stepped up and saved this little girl if they had seen some of the warning signs sooner. The guilt in the family must be tremendous. Thank you for your comments. This is an interesting case, and one that we all must truly continue to watch. Yes, abuse victims who do not get help do lie, but abuse does not equal murder either.

  2. Her brother said her father hit her while he was drinking, the DNA was taken for proof that Caylee was not their child. She had indicated to someone that one of them was the father. More lies.
    No, I do not need sperm samples, but I have known many abuse victims who do not lie so intricately as she does. The facts don’t scare me but they do intrigue me. I respect everyone’s opinion on this case and appreciate our discussion as well. What I had mentioned earlier, was that the defense did not question the brother when he was on the stand that he had abused his sister. This would have been the perfect time to ask. Jose did not. So I will wait and see what is brought out.

    No if,and it is a big If was abused, then it will make some sense for some of her partying, but it won’t account for all of the possibilities of this case. I think we will have to wait and see what the jury says.

  3. We shall see. I know many wonderful children lose their precious lives in pool accidents, and if that is the case, then I still say, they should have plead this case way back. Have a great weekend,

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