Are Young Women Becoming Dumb Due to Reality TV?

How many young women want to be a reality tv star?  How many want to be doctors or scientists, writers, or nurses?

 I imagine if you went into an average highschool in America, you would find more young women want to be a realty TV star than any profession?  The problem is reality tv is teaching our young women this is the height to aim for in their lives.

We are not focusing on young women who have accomplished great things in their lives, we, as a society, are showing young women, that getting on tv will bring them fame and riches.  What a terrible loss to our country of young minds.

Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Snooki, who are these women? People who found a way to get on tv and not necessarily for a good reason.  Sex tapes and outlandish behavior are not what will sustain our society.  We need to show our young women, better role models than celebrity tv reality stars who are not using their brains to advance society.  Many critics will say these women are earning millions, they are establishing their brand, but what are they giving back?

When I was in college, I had several women I admired, Erma Bombeck,  and Barbara Walters were just  two journalism giants that gave young women a way to see the road into the written and spoken word.  Erma Bombeck was a syndicated writer who was a mother who decided to write about the funny things in life.  Many a morning, I would read her column in the newspaper and dream of writing as well as she did.  The joy she brought to so many around the country with her humor was amazing.

Barbara Walters showed young women that you could go out and get a good story and be respected for doing a good job.  Her interviews with leaders from around the world inspired me as I went through college.  Jane Pauley and Diane Sawyer were two more who also contributed to many young women becoming journalists.

We need to give our young women good role models again.  I do not watch most of these reality shows because they are all hedonistic.  They don’t do anything to help our society or their neighborhood.  If these so-called reality stars picked up a cause and went to work to end a problem in our society, then they might teach some of young women something good. Look at what Jerry Lewis did for the MDA!

As we watch Casey Anthony on trial, and see how she would party nightly until there was no tomorrow, I wonder how influential Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton were on her view of the world.  With the tv shows airing Lindsey  going to nightclubs and Paris doing the LA circuit, did this send the wrong message to Casey Anthony?  What about all the young women watching these stars?

 Helping one another and looking out for those who find themselves without during this recession, might be a nobler cause for some of these reality tv stars than buying the latest designer bag.  Hollywood needs to stop pushing outlandish behavior down our young women’s minds and bring back smart women with manners. 

We need to educate our young women that  reality tv shows are not reality, they are written by someone, and that is not life.


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