No Change in Casey Anthony Behavior After Daughter Goes Missing??

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Yesterday, many of Casey Anthony‘s friends and former boyfriends testified in court that they saw no change in her behavior during the month that Caylee was missing.  Considering the new Defense theory that Caylee drowned how could a “loving mother” go on with her life as if nothing had happened?

This is the crux of the problem for the Defense.  They would have us believe that just because Casey was “molested” she had no feelings for her daughter even after she was “dead”?  No rational person who loses someone they love is not going to have a grieving process and show some sort of loss if a child dies.  Many people have been molested and continue on with their lives and have relationships with their children and experience loss and grief.

To say that she was taught to “carry on in spite of the pain” doesn’t cut it when it comes to normal feelings for the  loss of a child.  To hear her friends and her former boyfriends say that Casey told them Caylee was with a nanny at Universal Studios and that she was paying her $400 a week, when she had no job should have brought up questions in their minds.

These were Casey’s lies to herself and to everyone else.  An habitual liar soon believes what he or she  says and can pass polygraph tests because to the person, it is not a lie, it is the truth. Of course in Psychological fields they have another name for these people, but I will wait to hear this stated in court by the ones who have administered those tests to see if I’m correct.

How does a young woman with no job pay a nanny?  Why does a young woman with no job need a nanny?  These questions just haunt me when it comes to her friends.  If I had a friend who suddenly didn’t have her daughter with her, I would be very concerned, and want to know the truth about the child’s welfare.  But perhaps I belong to another era in life where people actually cared about children.

When I grew up, everyone on my street knew if we got in trouble and they would tell our parents.  Now people just watch teenagers sitting on the curb smoking and don’t tell the parents.  Even though teens are not allowed to even buy cigarettes until the age of 18 or 21 in certain states, people sit back and watch and don’t get involved.  Maybe if Casey Anthony’s “friends and boyfriends” became more involved in what happened to that precious little girl, we would still have her with us.

Once again, I don’t believe that someone can lose a child who they truly love and go out and party every night for 30 days and not show any grief.  Now if that person has no feelings or remorse for anyone except themselves, then this can happen.  In court, Casey has only cried for herself when the murder charges are read against her.  She has only cried for herself that she is in jail.  She would sit in jail and lie to her parents that Casey was going to come home as if it was rolling off her back, when she knew the child was dead.

The defense would have us believe that the 911 call was a made-up lie to cover-up the drowning.  That these two loving grandparents allowed their precious grandchild to be tossed into the woods in a trash sack.  I’m not buying it.  This is the furthest stretch of the imagination for any of us.


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  1. k says:

    she told her friends she had a job at Universal Studios and that she was paying her nanny $400 a week ….she told her friends she had a job.

    1. Most jobs at Universal Studios don’t pay enough to pay a Nanny $400 a week unless you are a driver for the tour bus and are union. And if she was with them all the time, when was she working?

  2. If the abuse is legitimate and Cindy allowed it, then she could be feeling tremendous guilt. However, with all of the lies that Casey has told, it is so hard to know if the abuse is real. She may have convinced her attorney this is the only way out of this case, but why didn’t her attorney question Lee about any abuse? Her attorney has opened the door to allow the state to bring in more evidence against her by admitting that Casey lies. Usually an abuse victim doesn’t just tell one person, they tell their best girl friends while they are growing up. This fact has not even been adressed,

    It will be very interesting to watch the trial as it progresses. Casey has not shown anyone that she can be believed, so this is going to be difficult to separate the truth from fiction,

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