Casey Anthony Bomb Shell Defense Released Yesterday

We suspected that Casey Anthony was going to use an accidental defense, but we didn’t expect that her attorney would weave such a spectacular story that could win the grand prize for top lies.  In  his opening statement, Jose Baez said that Casey Anthony’s father, George knew that his granddaughter had died and that he disposed of the body with meter reader Roy Kronk.  Spin, spin, spin, because he doesn’t have any real defense.

Yesterday was all about planting doubt in the jury’s mind about what might have happened.  What Jose Baez did for all of us was remove doubt that he was a real attorney.  When forensic evidence comes out in this case, they will have no room to crawl out from behind that defense table, so he comes out with this huge story, that only a Hollywood screenwriter could write, or Casey can dream up.

Poor George Anthony had to sit there and hear that he molested his daughter from age 8 and that he taught her to lie and that his son was just as guilty and that they are responsible for her not telling the truth about what happened to Caylee.  Give me a Break!!!

How ridiculous can we get on this?  Duct Tape around the little girl’s mouth and nose has no evidence to drowning in the family pool, and if this story of the defense were to be believed, why the duct tape?  This fabricated story has no relationship to the facts of the case and the jury will see right through it.  What a waste of the tax payers money and time.  This attorney has seen a golden goose, and he is going after it for all it is worth, but the proof is in the pudding and he doesn’t have any proof to convince the jury that his client is innocent of murder.

All the defense did yesterday, was spin a story, so elaborate that it was inconceivable to reality.  I wonder if they had a test jury and tried this story on them?  If I were those parents, I would not put another dime into the Casey’s jail account, and I would not write her another letter.  She has thrown the family under the bus to save her hide and be dame with the consequences.


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  1. I’m waiting to hear the duct tape evidence which I understand shows it was applied while the child was alive. If this is the case, the whole drowning story goes out the window.

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