Casey Anthony Trial Starts Today, What Will The Defense Reveal in Opening Statement?

Casey Anthony has been booked into the Orange ...
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Last minute defense moves in this case have everyone wondering what the Casey Anthony defense team will say with opening statements.  Speculation is that they will try to plead it was an accident and Casey got so wound up in her lie, she didn’t know how to get out.  If this is the case, then her Defense Team should have taken a plea years ago and stopped the insanity of a trial and expert witnesses.

This case is one of the worst cases in our justice system, and it is because of the innocence of the victim, it is not because of any people feeling sorry for her mother.  As the months have passed in this case, we have learned that Casey was searching the internet for making chloroform and breaking of necks.  Searching for these two items, sounds like Casey had malicious intent in her heart to harm someone.

Did she overdose her daughter with chloroform and then not know what to do?  Wrapping tape around the child’s head and over her mouth and nose would have suffocated her if she was alive when that happened.  Would someone do this if a child had already died? 

This type of case would be anyone’s nightmare and having to sit through all of this forensic evidence from the experts will be difficult, knowing a precious child lost her life.  Whatever happens today and in weeks to come, I think we will be surprised at the actions of a mother who didn’t protect her daughter, but who may have taken her life, allegedly.

I feel for her grandparents and her uncle who must now hear things about the death of their granddaughter and niece, that no one should have to ever hear.  It will be interesting if we see a mental health defense  comes up for this case.

This is only the beginning, this trial will be one to go down in history.

These are terrible things to imagine, much less to have to be on the jury of this trial.  My heart goes out to all the jurors and their families, because this case will undoubtedly change their lives.


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