7 Criminal Charges Filed Against Former IMF Chief, He Gets Bail!

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former IMF chief, was granted bail after he posted $1 million in cash and $5 million surety bond and gave up his passport and traveling papers to live in a Manhattan apartment with his wife under electronic monitoring and 24 hour guard, according to many news outlets.

Most normal people with 7 criminal sexual charges against them this serious might not get bail, but because there was no previous past criminal history, this guy was granted bail yesterday and will leave jail today.  We can blame the system in France for not helping the women there who were alleged to have been assaulted by this man there.

This guy has to stay with his wife in an apartment under guard while the evidence mounts.  I have a feeling that the evidence will continue to pile up here and in France.  I wouldn’t be surprised if maids from other countries come forward and file complaints.  Of course filing after the fact with a man who is this rich, will of course be looked at with trepidation. 

Women who are abused sexually need the protection of their employer when something like this happens and they need to know when they report a guest, they will not be fired.  The Sofitel Hotel did everything correct so far, and I applaud them for helping their employee.  She will need counseling as she tries to put her life back to together and I hope the Hotel will be there for her and give employee assistance for her. 

Some states have victim rights programs that also give counseling sessions when someone is a victim of a crime.  Whatever program, I just hope she gets the help she will need, for herself and for her children.


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