Looking for Character Among Political Leaders?? It is Missing From Many!

Newt Gingrich
Image via Wikipedia Newt Gingrich

In the last few days, we have seen Newt Gingrich announce his race for President, Donald Trump say  he isn’t running, Mike Huckabee  bow out from running, and Arnold Schwarzenegger admits he fathered a child with a staffer in his household.

Wow, what a week!  Newt I expected and Huckabee surprised me, I thought he was going to run, but I knew Donald Trump was all hype.  The stunner was Schwarzenegger and his wife splitting after 25 years, but after he publicly acknowledged that he had an affair and now has a 10 year-old child from that affair, it all made sense.

Marie Shriver is a strong woman, and she has resources, and Schwarzenegger used her resources to get him elected the whole time lying to her, to the voters and to his children.  Is there any character among political Leaders?  I think it is very hard to  find, just as I wrote yesterday about “Absolute Power corrupting Absolutely”, Arnold may have believed his own hype.

Newt Gingrich brings his own past to the political arena, with his infidelities and divorce while he was in Congress.

I know these men are human, but it seems some have no character when it comes to vows they take.  One caller to Dr. Drew’s Pinsky’s show on HLN  last night said it, if they will cheat on the closest most loved asset, their wife and children, what will they do with the public’s money and trust?

Good question, and I think we saw the character of Schwarzenegger while he was running for Governor, and many women who had been on set with him, came out and said he had been sexually aggressive with them.  But Maria defended him, saying we didn’t know the real Arnold.  Guess what Maria, you didn’t either.  It’s not her fault, men who are cunning and deceitful know how to trick many people.

When they get caught into the corner, most lying men can’t get out, and Arnold got himself in that corner.  Is his career gone?  I don’t think it matters, there are children to worry about who have also been deceived and now find out they have a half-brother who is 10 years-old.

Wedding  vows don’t mean much anymore, oaths of office don’t mean anything, and lying and cheating appear rampant among our Political Leaders.  Using their positions to help their friends, like Arnold did when he reduced the sentence of the son of one of the legislators in Sacramento who had been sentenced to a long jail term due to the beating death of a college man. 

I thought Mike Huckabee had character and had some good ideals to help the country, but it looks like he is out.  I’m still looking for that “Change” Obama promised.  Many of my friends have lost their homes, their jobs, their lives as they knew them, due to the recession. 

 Yes we have experienced “Change” not in a good way, but will character come back to politics?  It would be nice to see someone who has the mid-west backbone of this country at his heart and moved us into a country that produces more than we import and creates jobs for Americans. Let’s look at creating true character in our men and young men so they can become the next political leaders for our country.


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