Beaten San Francisco Giants Fan To Return To Bay Area

The Mission Bay campus of UCSF
Image via Wikipedia

Bryan Stow is being transferred to UC San Francisco Medical Center soon, as 200 billboards go up across LA with police drawings of the suspects who beat the father of two at the Opening Day for the Dodgers in March.

Bryan remains in an unconscious state, but has shown improvements, his family is looking forward to the move to bring him closer to home.  It is very unfortunate that this paramedic who saves lives was beaten outside of Dodger’s stadium as he left just because he was wearing his San Francisco Giants jersey.

The Los Angeles Police are hoping with the release of the 200 billboards throughout the LA area that more tips will pour in about the two men who beat this young father.  The billboard company has donated the space to help the police apprehend the men and a $100,000 reward is being offered.

What we have seen in LA when rewards get this high, is that people who know these people will tip off the police if the suspects are still in this country.  Unfortunately the Mexican border is used to escape justice for many and this maybe what has happened with the two men who beat up this young father.  However, with the financial reward so high and times so tight, someone will squeal to the police and let them know even if the two have escaped across the border.

It will be a matter of time before these two criminals are caught.  You can run, but you can’t hide for long.


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