Casey Anthony Defense is to Blame Family

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Yesterday during juror selection the defense for Casey Anthony let it slip to prospective jurors that they might have to decide if abuse had anything to do with someone’s actions in this case?  Oh right! 

Casey Anthony writes a letter last year that her brother and her father had molested her and that is now the reason she killed her daughter?

Give me a break, that is not going to win any breaks for killing an innocent 2-year-old child.  The child did not do anything to this mother.  The Grandmother, Cindy had offered many times to have the little girl live with her, and for Casey to live somewhere else.  But no, Casey had to do something to hurt the family like steal from her grandfather and her mother and her friends.

Casey is not to be believed and now she is making up this terrible lie about her father and brother who stood by her to cast doubt on someone else and save her own skin.  She is just full of it.  In Texas they call this “Bull Shit”.

Casey never told the truth in her entire life and now the defense is taking this terrible letter and using it to hurt the father and brother as their only defense strategy?  They should have taken a plea deal at the beginning of this case and saved the tax payers of the state of Florida time and money.  Casey Anthony is not the brightest bulb when it comes to thinking up ideas and neither is her attorney. 

The jury is going to see right through this stupid defense strategy and convict Casey but not before it destroys her father and her brother for accusations that are baseless.


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  1. Sherrie says:

    Could not have said it better myself!

    1. This case shakes all of us to the core. To take an innocent life of such a happy child for the mother’s own interests of partying just makes me sick.

  2. GBinOKC says:

    Poor Casey had a tortured childhood, did she? I guess it was so bad, she had to hang around until she was 23 and sponge off of them to make SURE it was bad.

    1. I know it does appear that she had no place to live except with her parents and they gave her a car too. Paid for her upkeep and the baby.

  3. GBinOKC says:

    Casey would be better off with a conviction. After she assassinates, en masse, the character of her entire family, she will have NO WHERE TO GO if released.

  4. jon says:

    she’ll blame her parents for everything, but still accept the money they put into her jailhouse account and wear the clothes her mother sends her. She makes me sick.

    1. If I were her parents, I would quit putting anything into her account. Let her see how it goes without anything in the jail to eat except what they feed her. It is called tough love.

  5. Mike says:

    I wonder if her brother or father will be questioned about this at all? I also wonder if little Caylee was molested before? These things tend to run in the family. It’s too bad they couldn’t make it work.

    1. You have asked some great questions. I heard that George was going to sue if this was brought up for defamation of Character. I do not think anything Casey says is something that can be believed because of how she led the Police on a wild goose hunt with lies of where she worked, and the so called Zanny, the nanny.

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