Casey Anthony Case Gets Under Way in Florida

Casey Anthony has been booked into the Orange ...
Image via Wikipedia Casey Anthony

For two years we have heard about the death of a 2-year old toddler, Caylee Anthony at the still to be proven hands of her mother, Casey.  Circumstantial evidence has been released on this case of the century as the months have gone by and this mother looks very strange as compared to most mothers.  First she doesn’t call the police when her daughter goes missing, instead she continues to party like there is no tomorrow with her friends.

She doesn’t tell her parents that their beloved grandchild is missing, she just keeps partying with her friends.  It takes her Casey’s mother, Cindy, 30 days to finally contact her and then discovered her car, which smelled like a dead body had been it, parked not far away. 

 Of course the grandmother, Cindy Anthony says all of this to the police and now will be called as a witness against her daughter, Casey.

Then there are the computer searches on the family computer for broken necks, and a deadly gas that can be made at home. 

Then the mother, Casey makes up some wild story about a babysitter who never existed taking her daughter and leads the police on a wild goose chase over places the mother hasn’t worked in over 2 years while they search for her daughter.  The poor child, Caylee’s body is finally found and there is duct tape over her mouth and nose with a red heart sticker over the mouth.  One just likeheart stickers that the little girl had in her bedroom at her grandparent’s home.

I must say when you look at the circumstantial evidence of this case, it sure does look like the mother is cold, calculating and may have done this terrible crime to her daughter.  I am just glad I am not on this jury, because I have already made my mind up about this mother, and I think she may have killed her daughter as spite to get back at her own mother. Casey refused to see her own mother, Cindy on Mother’s day when she went to the jail on Sunday to visit her, but her mother still put money into Casey jail account. 

I would have left that jail account empty if my daughter had refused to see me the night before the worst trial of her life.  Casey Anthony has no heart when it comes to feelings for her parents or her daughter and it is apparent she only cares about herself.


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