NFL Player Tweets Costs Him Endorsement Contract

Pittsburgh Steelers logo
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On Tuesday, we talked about how one NFL player tweeted comments that were contrary to the rest of the country and appeared to show support for the Terrorist Bin Laden who was killed in a raid on his compound.  The Pittsburg Steelers owners and coaches distanced themselves from the player, and this week we learned that the Champion athletic sportswear company had dropped their contract with the player.

The Champion sports apparel company has ended its endorsement deal with Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhallover Twitter remarks the player made criticizing people for celebrating the death of Osama bin LadenRead more:
The reality is that a Champion saw the tweets as being inconsistent with their Brand and have ended their contract due to the tweets.  I saw great.  The Steelers player should pay a result for his tweet, saying that the American people can not celebrate the death of the mastermind who caused the deaths of so many in our country and around the world is contrary to the sentiment of the country.
We looked for this mastermind terrorist for 10 years, and he did not show any compassion for our citizens or those in other countries in England, Spain or other places attributed to his group of killers, so it is due to the people of the world to be in a mood of relief for this man’s death.
We can all sleep a little better, but not necessarily without caution since his group is still out there and vowing revenge.

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